This update of the Christmas Family workbooks is for the following:


Jonathan Christmas of South Carolina – 2982 pages

Individual books for children/grandchildren of Jonathan Christmas:

Absalom C. Christmas - Camden Dist., SC – 436 pages

Arron Christmas - Camden Dist., SC – 524 pages

Ephraim Christmas - SC & NC   - 227 pages

Moses Christmas - Camden Dist., SC – 193 pages

Nathan Christmas - Camden Dist., SC – 928 pages

Nathaniel Christmas - Marion Co., SC – 521 pages


Thomas Cross Christmas of Virginia – 2680

Individual books for children of Thomas Cross Christmas:

Agnes Christmas Whitlock of Virginia – 742 pages

Caty Christmas Higgason of Virginia – 324 pages

John Christmas of VA-NC – 378 pages

Sarah Ann Christmas Sanders of Virginia – 263 pages

Thomas Christmas - VA-NC – 666 pages


Other Families:

Thomas Christmas of Louisiana – 191 pages

Unconnected-Christmas-Families – 177 pages


Henry Christmas of England – 145 pages

William Christmas of England – 42 pages


I do not print the workbooks anymore, as they has gotten rather large, but provide a PDF book, in "descendant narrative form" on CD/DVD, from which you can print the entire book or just your line.


This is my best effort; know there are mistakes. The workbooks are Free, no financial cost, but I do ask your help in correcting errors in your family line, and additions are appreciated. Please send me your line, corrections, additions and US postal address, and I will mail the CD/DVD as soon as possible.


The workbook has a Copyright. My Copyright does not, in any way, infringe on the personal Copyright ownership held by the many people, who have shared their information with me over the years, and to whom, I am most grateful.


You are welcome to make copies for family members. Living people are included in this book, so no part can be uploaded to the Internet or used in web pages, etc., without my written permission.


Wm. Herbert Turner


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