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Welcome, my name is Wm. Herbert Turner (Herbert8), Fauline7, William6, William5, Nathan4, George3, William2, Jonathan Christmas1) and family research, golf, photography and fishing are my main hobbies. The Christmas Families Home Page was started in July 1997. We are now starting our 23rd year, and much has changed since 1997. Then, there were few family web sites, but today, with Familysearch, Ancestry, and other services, there are many family web sites, which can help researchers. 

My very sincere thanks to all that have provided family information, photos and documents over the years. The purpose of our web page is to help fellow researchers of the Christmas & related surnames. It is you that has made the web page helpful to many Christmas families. The information on these pages comes from my research and the works of many other researchers. Our goal is to connect as many individuals and families to their Christmas line as possible. If you are having problems connecting your Christmas family, drop me a note, and I will try to help.

As with most genealogy work, we do not have complete factual data; we have tried to note where we have made ASSUMPTIONS and why, but I know I have failed to always do so. I have tried to reference those that have provided family information, and where assumptions were made by putting my initials in brackets - [WHT:] If you have any information to prove or disprove our assumptions, please let us know. Drop me a note when you find errors, and any suggestions you have for improving the web page layout and content. Please share your old family photos.

So far, our research has concentrated mainly on the descendants of the following Christmas families. If there are connections between these Christmas families, one of our goals is to find it. Share with us your Christmas family information, be it large or small, and help us solve some of our family mysteries. We welcome others with different Christmas family lines to join us in researching our surname.

Jonathan Christmas of Craven Co., South Carolina, USA; died after 1755; married Hester Morton; first reference is a 1731 land grant.  

Thomas Cross Christmas of Hanover Co., VA, USA, born 1689 and died in 1769 (Charles2, Goodman1)  

Thomas Christmas of Louisiana, USA, died Abt  1818; married Rebecca Collier; We really need help connecting this family.

William Christmas (Abt 1580- 1618) of Histon, Cambridgeshire, England, married Agnes Hatfield.

Henry Christmas (1492 -1550), Guildford, Cy of Surrey, England, m. Julia. These are the gggg grandparents of Sir Thomas Christmas, City of Waterford, Cy Waterford, Ireland.

Christmas Families we have not been able to connect
[John Christmas (abt 1780 in VA - bef 1849 in VA); Richard G. Christmas (1795 in NC - aft 1870 in AR); Elizabeth Christmas, son, William Woodson Christmas (1842in TN - 1917 in TN); Peter Anderson Christmas (1842 in VA - aft 1920); James C. Christmas (1815 in LA - 1870 in TX); William J. Christmas (1838 in NC - 1879 in TN); William Christmas (1843 in Canada - 1891 in Canada); James Christmas (1844 in KY - 1873 in OK); Robert Luther Christmas (1859 in TN - 1909 in TN); Isaac Nowlin Christmas (1874 in TX - 1924 in LA); William R. Christmas (1870 in Canada - 1944 in WI)]

For privacy reasons, information on living persons is not posted. However, in the latest generation, due to age differences (births/marriages) in previous generations, there will be a few living persons included, but no personal data such as dates, locations or notes. if I have failed to do this, please let me know.  For information on current generations, please e-mail me with your family information and I will try to make a connection and/or get you in touch with a descendant of your line.

If you have a personal  family web page with a Christmas connection, and would like to link to the Christmas Families Home Page, please drop me a note.

Query: If you cannot found your Christmas ancestor, or want additional information, drop me a note. If the information is not available, I will post your query to our above Unconnected Families Page, I will be back in touch.

Introduction: A few general comments about these web pages and some earlier Christmas individuals.

This February 4, 2020 update restores the "Notes" and Source information, but reduces the number of generations by one. The additional generation added a large number of obituaries which included more living people and their locations. The "Notes" include the wills, census abstracts, other documents and the names of the many cousins that have helped over the years, and their information.

Please note, this and all linked pages are protected by COPYRIGHT. Researchers that have shared information with me, maintain their own personal copyright to their shared material, and can do whatever they like with their material. You are welcome to use the material on these web pages, for your personal use only, provided " 1997-2020 by Wm. Herbert Turner" is included. It cannot be used in any publications, digital media - CD/DVDs, Internet web pages, genealogy sites without written permission. If you share this material with other family members, you should inform them of the copyright. 

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