Descendants of Henry Christmas - England


196. William Osborne Christmas-1232

Died w/o issue.

198. Grace Veronica Christmas-1227

no issue, Will written in 1941

154. Elizabeth Osborne-3331

on board the Romney on voyage to West Indies, taken ill at Cape Verde Islands

Major Gen. Sir Michael Creagh-3323

[WHT: My thanks to David Blackburne for Gedcom file, on Jan. 23, 2014, providing this and descendant info on Michael Creagh.]

205. Lieut. Gen. Charles Creagh-Osborne-3332

Joined the Army on June 18th 1841
Lieutenant August 5th 1842
Captain 1st March 1854
Major 11th May 1860
Lieut-Col 1st April 1866
Col 3rd August 1871
Major-General 1st April 1872
Lieut-General 21st Dec 1885

162. Elizabeth Semple-1208

From Marion Achurch - Sept. 1, 2001: Add******That Elizabeth was called Eliz. Semple not Christmas - which strengthens the idea that her parents did not marry. Eliz. should precede Thomas who was younger. The brothers Robert and Thomas are listed in IGI as Christmas/Semple so who knows which last name they officially had. Robert Meekins b.1797 d.1874 was Esq. of Glasthule House, Kingstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland. There is much to add here with the children of Eliz. and Robert Meekins.

174. Sheriff John Wallis-453

Obtained Drishane Castle as marriage settlement agreement with his father in 1787. Also, the property had the designation name of Westwood.

234. Anna Wallis-539

There is a dispute whether this Anna/Anne is a daughter of the Rev. Christmas Paul Wallis I or of Christmas Paul Wallis II.,

177. Henry Wallis-456

Will dated 1823

250. John Wallis-1012

The Drishane Parish Church registers record a burial of a John Wallis Esq. in 1830. Since Henry, who drowned, was buried here, then it is quite possible that this John is Henry's brother. He seems the only candidate.

William Frederik Duntzfeld-2886

member,Danish Government that framed the Danish Constitution

252. Eduard Duntzfeld-2887

No Children.

186. John Christmas-1294

[WHT: my thanks to Susanne Christmas of Denmark, who has shared her research & family information on the descendants of John Christmas - July 2003.]

Some sources for Susanne research: Churchbooks, Lands arkivet.Rigsarkivet.Stadsarkivet; Hauch-Fausboll reports ::1) Hand written june 24 1919; 2) personal historisk selskab 1941; 3) Slægtshandbogen (Famely-handbook 1900); Grandmamas Confessions by Sophie Thalbitzer 1905; Danish biographical handbook DANISH Patrcian Famelies, (Elvius and Hiort-Lorenzen 1891); Kraks blue book (who is Who); Adels Kalender (book of peerage) Denmark and Sweden.

187. George Beresford Christmas-1295

From Lawrence "Larry" Christmas, Sept. 2001. I was shown the grave site of George Beresford Christmas yesterday morning in Copenhagen. He is buried there with his wife, Augusta Christine and daughter Malvine who was the widow of an admiral. He is important simply because his middle name links him to the Waterford Christmases.

From Susanne Christmas, Feb. 21, 2004: Malvine is not a daughter, but a sister-in-law.

Received from Robert Ørsted Jensen on Jan. 1, 2006

you may find this Danish census from 1801 interesting.

Samtlige personer i husstanden

kbhv, København (Staden), Vester Kvarter, Vester Kvarter, , Matr. 341, 1208, FT-1801

Der vises flg. felter

Navn, Alder, Civilstand, Stilling i husstanden, Erhverv , Fødested

John Christmas, 45 , Gift, Mand og Fader, Grosserer,
Johanne Heinrich, 25 , Gift, hans Kone, ,
Birtha [Christmas], 3 , Ugift, deres Datter, ,
John [Christmas], 2 , Ugift, Søn, ,
Georg Berisford [Christmas], 1 , Ugift, Søn, ,
Andreas Weissenburg, 23 , Ugift, Tiener, , (servant)
Jørgen Hansen, 41 , Ugift, Kudsk, , (servant)

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