Descendants of Jonathan Christmas - South Carolina


3227. Atlanta Wethington-14379

11920 U.S. Census, Dillon Co., SC; Manning; Dwelling 311; ED: 32, p. 20A.

21930 U.S. Census, Dillon Co., SC; Carmichael; Dwelling 50; ED: 8, p. 3B.

3Death Certificate #, 8145, Dillon Co., SC.

Sanford Randolph Jackson-15549

1Death Certificate #, 15414, Dillon Co., SC.

7377. Wallie Jackson-15550

11940 U.S. Census, Dillon Co., SC; Manning; Family 529; ED: 17-14, p. 23B.

2Death Certificate #, 65-010215, Charleston Co., SC.

7379. Adolphus Randolph Jackson-15552

11940 U.S. Census, Dillon Co., SC; Manning; Family 42; ED: 17-188, p. 3A.

Nellie Lane-17172

1Find A Grave,, Memorial# 34372425.

7381. Vergie Bea Jackson-15554

1Obit, Progress-Index, The (Petersburg, VA) - March 19, 2009.

7382. Gladys Jackson-15867

1Obit, Post and Courier, The (Charleston, SC) - May 4, 2012.

7383. Doris Sanford Jackson-15868

1Obit - The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC, Feb. 24, 2009.

3228. John Willie Wethington-14382

11930 U.S. Census, Mecklenburg Co, NC; Charlotte; Dwelling 26; ED: 60-28, p. 2B.

21940 U.S. Census, Mecklenburg Co, NC; Charlotte; Family 325; ED: 60-61A, p. 16A .

3Death Certificate #, 31461, Mecklenburg Co., NC.

Pearl Geneva Taylor-15526

1Obit, Virginian-Pilot, The (Norfolk, VA) - Jan. 27, 2001.

7386. Bobby Taylor Wethington-15561

1North Carolina, Birth Indexes, 1800-2000,

2Obit, Dillon Herald, Dillon, SC, May 27 1955.

3U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963,

3230. Neil Arthur Wethington-14380

11930 U.S. Census, Cumberland Co., NC; Fayetteville; Dwelling 213; ED: 12, p. 9A.

2Death Certificate #, 28926, Cumberland Co., NC.

3Obit, Dillon Herald, Dillon, SC, Feb. 28 1946, page 1,col. 4.

7387. Winifred V. Wethington-15542

1Death Certificate #, 208, Cumberland Co., NC.

3233. Carl Nathan Wellington-15820

11930 U.S. Census, Wake Co., NC; Raleigh; Dwelling 126; ED: 33, p. 8A .

21940 U.S. Census, Wake Co., NC; Raleigh; Family 613; ED: 92-41, p. 8A.

3Death Certificate #, 510, Wake Co., NC.

Odell Lucy Medlin-15821

1U.S., Social Security Death Index #,, 243-03-9607.

7389. Carl Nathan Wellington Jr.-21007

1Death Certificate #, 12875, Wake Co., NC.

3235. Kathleen Wethington-17177

11930 U.S. Census, Dillon Co., SC; Manning; Dwelling 238; ED: 20, p. 13B.

21940 U.S. Census, Dillon Co., SC; Manning; Family 73; ED: 17-18A, p. 6A.

Archie B. Rogers-17178

1WWI Civilian Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 ,, Image Number: 05157.

2South Carolina Deaths, 1915-1965,, Reference ID: 50-000331.

3236. Hilton Charles Christmas-5490

11940 U.S. Census, Lancaster Co., SC; Gills Creek; Family 17; ED: 29-15, p. 2A.

2U.S., Social Security Death Index #,, 251-01-3434 .

7395. Dorothy R. Christmas-5497

1Obit, Herald, The (Rock Hill, SC) - August 17, 2008.

7396. John William Christmas-5493

1Obit, The Herald, Rock Hill, SC, June 6, 2006.

Frances Marlene McManus-14810

1Obit, Lancaster News, The (SC) - Sept. 19, 2014.

7398. Clyde Hilton Christmas-5494

1Obit, Charlotte Observer; Sept. 23, 2004.

2Obit, The Herald, Rock Hill, SC, Sept. 24, 2004.

3U.S., Social Security Death Index #,, 249-66-6475.

7399. Franklin Jarrett Christmas-5495

1Obit, Charlotte Observer; April 28, 2005.

2Obit, The Herald, Rock Hill, SC, April 28, 2005.

Rebecca Diane Hopkins-25158

1Obit, Lancaster News, The (SC) - September 24, 2015.

7401. Shirley Jean Christmas-5492

1Newspaper Obit.

Howard Paul Todd-5506

1Obit, The Herald, Rock Hill, SC.

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