Descendants of Jonathan Christmas - South Carolina


1. Jonathan Christmas-463

[WHT: It is "possible" Jonathan Christmas was born in Virginia and is related to Thomas Cross Christmas. Thomas was born about 1690 and died in 1769 in Hanover Co., VA. Many of his family settled in the Warren, Granville and Bute Co., NC. Records show a Jonathan Christmas as witness to land transactions in the Chowan Dist., N.C. in 1719-1720. Assuming he had to be 21 years of age to witness a land transaction, this would make his date of birth at least 1698 or earlier. If this was the same Jonathan, he would have been in his mid forties when he married Hester Morton and in his mid fifties when his daughter, Margaret was born in 1753. However, I do not think this is the same Jonathan; maybe his son?

Jonathan probably migrated to Craven County, SC, which covered a large area of SC, in the late 1720's. Jonathan's land grant of 1731 was in Craven Co., probably outside Georgetown Co. or in what is now Williamsburg Co. The coastal areas (Charleston, Georgetown Co.) were developed first and development in the Sumter & Clarendon Co. areas did not begin until 1740. From where he came, I do not know, but possibly from VA through NC. The first land grant to a Jonathan was in 1731 and the last record I have found was in 1755.

"The Register Book for the Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw" records his marriage to Hester Morton on June 19, 1741; the births of son, John on Jan. 10, 1743/44 and daughter, Margaret in Oct. 1753. However, Colonial Records, Council Journal, page 501, dated Dec. 3, 1751 refers to Jonathan having a wife and three children; this was before Margaret was born in 1753. I ASSUME the other two children referred to in the Council Records are William and Samuel.

Land grants were given to John Christmas in 1767 and 1772, to Samuel and William Christmas in 1774, in the same area of Craven Co., SC on the Black River; Samuel's land grant was adjacent to John's grant. The estate records of Nathan Christmas, son of John, mentions that part of his estate was property originally granted to John; it also mentions his property was part of a tract originally granted to Rob Carter; John's 1767 grant adjoins Robert Carter. These grants show that John, William & Samuel lived adjoining or very near each other. Again, I think they were probably brothers.

[WHT: From the information contained herein, I am assuming this is the Jonathan that received and is mentioned in the following land grants; is also the same one that married Hester Morton, and had the following children: John, Margaret, and probably William and Samuel. Since I have found no will or estate records for Jonathan or Hester, this has to be an assumption. However, when you look at the different locations he was reported to be, the fact he states in his 1751 land grant petition that he had never received a grant, we could be dealing with more than one Jonathan Christmas. Also his 1731 grant of 150 acres indicates a 'headright" for three people (50 acres per person); the other two people could be a possible wife and child, or two slaves, brothers, etc. The Jonathan that received the 1731 land grant, could be the father of the Jonathan, that married Hester Morton.]

[WHT: Some of the information was found at the following locations: SC, NC & VA Archives, historical & genealogy societies, Sumter Co. & other Courthouses, libraries and from family. My thanks to Elizabeth Burden for her help in starting the "Time Line." Copies of the following Memorials, Royal Grants, Colonial Plats, wills & estate records are in my files.]

The following is a Time Line for Jonathan & Land Grant information for Jonathan, John, William & Samuel.


1719/20 Chowan Co., NC. Deed Book C # 1, page 34, # 1284. Jonathan Christmus & Ad. Cokburn are witnesses to a land sale between Richard & Hannah Washington to John Homes; Feb 18, 1719/20.

1720: Chowan Co., NC Deed Book C # 1, page 38, # 1286. Jonathan Christmus & John Bayley are witnesses to sale from Richard Washington to William Howett. 230 acres, part of 950 acres, Washington purchased from Henry Wheeler. Land adjoins Thomas Kirby, John Bayley & Arthur Williams. Dated April 30, 1720. [WHT comments: I show this for information only; I have no information to connect the Jonathan in Chowan Co., NC to the following Jonathan in SC.]

[WHT: Received the following two sources from Anna Christmas.]
1. 1717 Chowan Co taxes received list does not have a "Christmas on it. However, 9/7/1721 shows John Christmass shows 10 something as outstanding. Many of the names on the 1717 record and the 1721 are the same and many also appear on the Capt Robert Patterson's company roster of 4/11/1720 of upper Chowan precinct. Old Arbemarle and its absentee Landlords by Worth S. Ray.

2. 12/17/1725 Mary and Jonathan Christmas testify in court re: Thomas Boyd's will. Early Records of NC, Vol. 5, Wills 1723-1736, pg 10. Jonathan is also listed in the will in Early Records of NC, Vol III, Loose Papers & Related Materials 1712-1798, pg112. As a side note, I found some interesting letters from folks of the area describing the Tuscarora war and the Indian problems of this area written at the time of occurrence.]

"The Colonial Records of NC," Second Series, Vol. VI titled "NC Higher-Court Minutes 1724-1730," Robert J. Cain, Editor, Assisted by Kathleen B. Wyche, Terrell A. Crow & Josephine H. Walker; put out by the Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archives & History, Raleigh, NC; 1981; pages 358, 403-404, 437, 462 & 479.

The copies contain a court case by William Whitfield against Jonathan Christmass of NC, late of the county of Albemarbe for 17 pounds and 10 pounds damage. Jonathan was described as a Cooper; for 17 pounds, he entered into an agreement on Aug. 25, 1722 to make some barrels for Whitfield, but did not; date of court case was 1727; wording of who won, lost, etc. is confusing to me.

[WHT: Our Jonathan was referred to as a 'cooper" in 1733 transaction below]


Whitfield v. Christmas: William Whitfield by Thomas Jones his attorney comes to prosecute Jonathan Christmass of North Carolina late of the (County of Albemarle Cooper in a plea of Debt for Seventeen pounds and damage ten pounds And the Sayd Defendant (tho' Solemnly required) came not Whereupon the Marshall offer'd Simon Alderson Security for the Sayd Defendant's Appearance having filed the Baile Bond Therefore at the plaintiff's Motion Judgment is granted against the Sayd Simon Alderson security as aforesayd for the Debt and damages aforesayd and Costs with stay of Execution till the next Court on the last Tuesday in July next. Page 358.


Whitfield V. Christmass: See page 228: Sect. 1. And now here at this day (Videlicet etc.) came the plaintiff aforesayd by his Sayd Attorney and complains against Jonathan Christmass of. North Carolina late of the County of Albemarle Cooper of a plea that he render him seventeen pounds which he owes and unjustly detains for that whereas the Sayd Jonathan Christmass on the twenty fifth day of August One Thousand Seven hundred twenty two in the County of Albemarle aforesayd by his certain Writing Obligatory which he the aforesayd Wm. with the Seals of the aforesayd Jonathan Christmass Sign'd here brings into Court whose date is the Same day and Year did grant himself to be bound to the Sayd William in the aforesayd Seventeen pound to be payd in Coopers Work and that the Sayd payment may be well and truly made unto him the Sayd Whitfield or his certain Attorney his heirs Executors or Assigns the aforesayd Jonathan Christmass did bind himself his Heirs and Executors by the sayd Writing Obligatory Yet the aforesayd Jonathan altho' often required the aforesayd Seventeen pounds to the Sayd William he hath not as yet rendred it but the same hitherto hath denied to pay and as yet denyeth Whereupon he Sayth that he is damnifyed and hath damage to the value of ten pounds and thereupon he brings his Action etc. And the Sayd Defendant by John Bapt. Ashe his Attorney comes and defends the force and injury when etc. and sayth that the aforesayd William his action aforesayd against him ought not_to have because he Sayth that he payd to the sayd William the aforesayd Seventeen pounds in the province aforesayd according to that form and effect of the Writing aforesayd and of this he putts himself upon the Court and the plaintiff likewise And hereupon at their motion the Tryall thereof is referr'd to the next Court on the last Tuesday in October next. Pages 403-404.

Whitfield v Christmass: See pace 258 Sect. 2d. And now here at this day (Videlicet etc.)came the plaintiff aforesayd by his Sayd Attorney; But the Defendant's Attorney Mr John Bapa. Ashe being Sick and incapable now to attend the Sayd Suite is continued to the next Court on the last Tuesday in March next by consent of the plaintiff to whom the Same day is given. Page 437.


Whitfield v. Christmass: See page 304 sect. 5. And now here at this day (Videlicet etc.) Came the plaintiff aforesayd But the Defendant (tho Solemnly required) came not, but made default, Whereupon the plaintiff proceeded to prove his debt according to the direction of an Act of Assembly in that case made, And for Default of the Defendant's appearance It is Consider'd that the plaintiff recover and have of the Defendant the Sum of eight pounds ten shillings with Cost alias Execution. And the plaintiff having fully here in Court released and remitted to the Defendant the damages by him Sustained by reason of the sayd Suite and also the Interest due on the Sayd Obligation Therefore the sayd Defendant of the damage s and Interest aforesayd is acquitted.
[WHT: these Whitfield vs Christmas documents were transcribed and sent to me by Marlene Christmas McLean.]

1725/26 Bath Co. N.C. Inventory of Thomas Boyd mentions Jonathan Christmas.

1731 By Virtue of a warrant to me directed by His Excellency Robert Johnson Esq. Governor bearing Date 16th Day of February 1731. I have caused to be set out and measured unto Jonathan Christmafs a Tract of Land containing one hundred & fifty acres in Craven County Butting & bounding Southwardly on lands of Abraham Michaws Westerly on lands of Wm. Newman and all other sides on lands laid out, and the said plat hath such form and bounding as above specified & delineated. Given under my hand this. [WHT: This grant was found at the S.C. Historical Society in Charleston, SC. The 150 acres was rectangle in shape; E 38.73 X N 38.73 X W 38.73 X N 38.73.]

1731-1732 A Land Grant request; dated Jan 22, 1731, by Abraham Michau for 820 acres, on the N. side of the Santee River, butting and bounding Southerly, Easterly and part of the Northern side on land yet? laid out and the remainder part of Northern side on lands of Jonathan Christmas and all other sides lands of William Newman; date of survey, May 20, 1732; grant signed August 7, 1735. S.C. Archives, Colonial Plats, Vol. I, page 272. [WHT comments: A copy of this grant was found at the SC Historical Society in Charleston; It refers to the land as being on the North side of the Santee River; I think this is a general description, and the grant is on the Black River]

1732 10 May Survey made for Jon Christmas for 150 acres Colleton Co., SC. The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research Vol. No. 2 Spring 1977, pages 67 & 68.

1733 1 Mar. Interest to be paid by Jonathan Christmas to Isaac Chardon, Daniel Laroche & Thomas Laroche. South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719-1772 Vol. 1, Abstracted by Clara A. Langley. (Book Lb, Page 163.)

1733 1 July Jonathan Christmas, cooper, of Craven County, registered Bond made with Isaac Chardon, Daniel Laroche & Thomas Laroche, merchants, in the Penal sum of L 374:3:10 currency, with the condition of payment of L 187:1:11 with interest on 1 March 1733. Witnesses: Isaac Secare, James Craddock. Dep. Reg: Joseph Fox. South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719-1772 Vol, 1, Abstracted by Clara A. Langley. (Book Lb. page 163.)

1733 1 July Jonathan Christmas, cooper, of Craven County, paid Mortgage on the Bond made to Isaac Chardon, Daniel Laroche & Thomas Laroche, merchants, as security on the above Bond delivers 7 cows & calves, 3 yearlings, 2 horses, 3 mares, & 20 hogs. Witnesses: Isaac Secare, James Craddock. Before John Wallis, J. P. Joseph Fox, Dep. Reg. "South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719-1772 Vol. 1," Abstracted by Clara A. Langley. (Book Lb, page 164)

1735 4 Sept. Mr. Giles Cooke received a land grant for 500 acres on the Black River in Craven County; this tract was bound on N.E. by the Black River, N.W. by land of Jonathan Christmass and other sides by vacant land. S.C. Archives, Colonial Plats, Vol. 2, Page 98; Royal Grants, Vol. 3, page 146; the grant was signed January 12, 1737 by William Bull & J. Badenhop, President in Council. [WHT comments: The Colonial Plats, Vol.2, p. 98, shows Jonathan's property fronting the Black River.]

(1732-1737) "The Kershaw County line extends from Wateree River to Lynches Creek. The area along this line was settled very early. Long before there was a Kershaw County, a group of settlers moved in from NC, while others moved up from the coastal settlements. The oldest Grant Books show Abraham Michau, Wm. Newman & Jonathan Christmas all had grants of land, and were living there in the years 1732-1737. "Prince Frederick's Parish Register." Sumter District by Janie Revill, pages 20 & 21.

[WHT: I have not found any records to show these people came from NC.]

1736 Within the territory limits of what is now Williamsburg County, but outside of Williamsburg Township as surveyed in 1736, & whose names have not heretofore been mentioned, had settled the following: ...Jonathan & Hesther Christmas.....These people settled along Black River from the point where it turns abruptly Northward, just after entering Georgetown County from Williamsburg County, & along the present Williamsburg- Georgetown County line to the Pee Dee River. This settlement was called Winyaw, & this was the first part of the present County of Williamsburg that was inhabited by white people. Some of these people lived there in 1710. They organized Prince Frederick's Church in l713. "History of Williamsburg," pages 23 & 24 by William Willis Boddie.

[WHT comments: I do not think Boddie's description is correct or we are dealing with more than one Jonathan Christmas or this Jonathan moved around a lot. The articles by Janie Revill and William Boddie appear to be talking about two different areas: Revill location is in Kershaw Co. around Camden & Boddie's location is between Williamsburg Co. and Georgetown Co. One location is in the middle of SC and the other in the eastern part, but the time is about the same.]

1738 3 Oct. Jonathan Christmas mentioned in Bill of Sale between Giles Cook, surgeon, of Prince Frederick Parish, Craven Co. & Elianer Mortimer, widow, of Christ Church Parish, Berkeley Co. Original 500 acre Grant made to Giles Cooke by Hon. William Bull on 10 Nov 1737/8; bounding NE on Black River, NW on Jonathan Christmass; other sides on vacant land. Witnesses: Giles Hicks, John Ducker, Mary Hicks. Before John Edwards, J.P. Robert Austin, Pub. Reg. "South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719-1772" Vol. I; Abstracted by Clara A. Langley. (Book S, page 463.)

[WHT comments: These references to Prince Frederick Parish is and has been confusing to me; it is located in the Georgetown District, east of Williamsburg Township, as show on 1773 map, previously mentioned. This map shows a Prince Fredericksburg Parish in the Camden District, Craven Co. and encumbers the town of Camden and areas NE of the Wateree River, including the Head Waters of the Black River.]

1741 19 June Married by the Rev. Mr. John Fordyce in Prince Frederick Parish...Jonathan Christmas & Hester Morton, p. 52; "The Register Book For The Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw" published by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America. [WHT: it is possible they were married earlier and marriage not recorded until 1741.]

[WHT comments: Maybe marriages & births in other areas of the state were recorded in the register at Prince Fredericks Parish at Winyaw. The births of 4 children (Daniel, Noah, Paul & Lydia) of Abraham & Lydia Michau, dating from June 20, 1733 to June 10, 1739 are recorded in "The Register Book for the Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw. The last two children were Baptized by a minister of Saint James Santee?]

1743 29 Aug. Published in the SC Gazette issue of 29 August 1743, a list of some lapsed Colonial Plats now lying in the Surveyor-General's Office....Jon. Christmas, owner; 150 acres; Colleton Co.; surveyed 10 May 1732. "The SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol. V, No. 2, Spring 1977, pages 67 & 68.

[WHT comments: Another confusing reference; present day Colleton Co. is in the SE corner of SC; older Colleton Co. was south of Craven Co.; other references to Jonathan has him Craven Co. in what is present day Camden/Kershaw Co. and Williamsburg - Georgetown areas.]

1743/4 10 Jan. John Christmas, son of Jonathan Christmas & his wife, Easther (Hester) born Jan. 10, 1743/44; "The Register Book For The Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw," p. 18 & 22, published by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

1744 1 July John Christmas baptized by the Rev. Mr. John Fordyce. "The Register Book For The Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw," p. 18; published by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

1750 - 1751 Jonathan Christmas "thought" to be a Quaker because of the date & location of his Grant adjoining others of the Quaker faith in the vicinity of Pine Tree Hill, Camden County. "Historic Camden, Part One, Colonial & Revolutionary" by Thomas Jo Kirkland & Robert M. Kennedy, page 75.

[WHT comments: Pine Tree Creek is located a short distance SE of Camden Township as shown in 1773 map, very close to the Head of the Black River.]

1751 3 Dec. Jonathan Christmas was sent to Charleston to obtain a warrant for the land he is settled on, being so poor that unless he had help from Mr. Roger Gibson, he could not travel. Jonathan had a wife & 3 children & asked for 250 acres on Wateree, which was approved. (Roger Gibson was a neighbor & Captain of this district.) The Carolina Genealogist, page 75 Colonial Records, Council Journal 1751.

"Recap the petition of Jonathan Christmas, humbly setting forth that the Pet. is a noar (sp) Setlor to Mr. Roger Gibson who hath so commissioned him to Town to get a warrant for this land he is settled on, being so poor that unless he had letters (sp) from Wm. Gibson he could not have Traveled. -- That his Petitioner has a wife and three children and never had any Land granted to him. He humbly prays that your excellency and How.? would order the surveyor or govt. to lay out to your Pet. 250 acres of land on the Wateree, and in consideration of his poverty to be Free of charge and that he may have a grant for this land, dur that Pet. is ?? ?? ??.
The 3rd Day of Dec. 1751 Jonathan Christmas"

[WHT comments: This is the only reference I've found to Jonathan having more than 2 children; Margaret was born in 1753 so the 2 children, other than John, is probably William & Samuel. In my files, I show William and Samuel as children of Jonathan; no proof. This petition also states that Jonathan had NEVER received a land grant?]

This Petition was granted to Jonathan; copy of Petition in WHT's files. The survey was certified by John Hamelton on Nov. 23, 1752; 250 acres situated on the North side of Wateree River on a branch called Beaver Creek. S. C. Archives, Colonial Plats, Vol. 5, page 272.

[WHT comments: According to a 1773 map, found at the SC Historical Society in Charleston & I think a copy is at the SC Archives, Beaver Creek branches off from the Wateree River about 15-20 miles NW of Camden, SC; probably where Lake Wateree is today - 1995]

1752 23 Nov. Survey made by George Hunter, Esq. for Plat Plan attached to Royal Grant issued to Jonathan Christmas. Royal Grants, South Carolina Archives.

1753 13 Feb. Royal Grant of 250 acres on North branch of Wateree, Beaver Creek, issued to Jonathan Christmas by George the Second. Royal Grants, SC Archives.

1753 5 Sept. Bounty #120 ((belonging to Jonathan Christmas) delivered unto John Hutson. Royal Grants, SC Archives.

1753 Oct. Birth of daughter, Margaret Christmas to Hester & Jonathan. The Register Book For The Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw published by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

1753 9 Dec. Baptism of Margaret Christmas by the Rev. Mr. John Fordyce, at the age of 6 weeks; p. 41. The Register Book For The Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw published by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

1755 9 Sept. John Christmas witnessed a Deed between Jacob De Saurency & Philip Pledger, both of Craven Co. for 100 acres 2 miles below the Great Charrows on North side of the Peedee River in Welch tract. "South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1755-1768," Vol. III, Books QQ - H-3; Abstracted by Clara A. Langley. (Book R-R, page 397.)

1771 12/13 Nov. Original Grant of Jonathan Christmas, granted 15 Feb. 1753 by Lt. Gov. James Glen, 250 acres on Beaver Creek, a branch of Wateree River, bounding on all sides by vacant land. Jonathan Christmas conveyed the property to John Gibson who conveyed to John Lockord, who conveyed to James McFernon, who conveyed to Luke Petty. Luke Petty & his wife Elizabeth, of St. Marks Parish, Craven Co., sold to Samuel Bradford of Amelia Township. Witnesses: Wm. Gloscock, Benjamin Burnett, John Thompson. Before John Newman Oglethorpe, J.P. SC Archives: Royal Grants, Vol. 5, page 120; also in "SC Deed Abstracts 1719-1772 Vol. IV," page 235, Books 1-3 -E-4, 1767-1773, Books Abstracted by Clara A. Langley. (Book Y-3, pages 424- 430.) Nov. 12 & 13, 1771.


Roll 1 - AAL, Philip to Craven Co. 1731 - 1775

CHRISTMAS, JOHN (Vol. 9, p. 278) - memorial for 100 acres on Black River, Craven Co. 1767/08/11; Entry # 0030-002-0009-00278-04

CHRISTMAS, JONATHAN (Vol. 9, P. 227) - chain of titles to a grant to Abraham Michau of Aug. 7, 1735 and one for 215 acres, originally part of a 365 acre tract, summarizing a chain of title to a grant to Abram Mlchau of Dec. 12, 1735. 1767/04/21; Entry # 0030-0002-0009-O0227-0l

[WHT comments: This describes the property as being on the North side of the Santee River: "An Memorial exhibited by Abraham Michau to be Reg. in the Auditors Office of a plantation or tract of land Containing 420 acres Situated in Craven County on the N. side of Santee River being part of a tract of 820 acres taken of at the Eastern end bounding then run out Swardly Ewardly and part of the side as land not laid out and on Jonathan Christmas and all other sides on Lands of William Newman. Originally granted the 7th day of August 1735 to Abraham Mickau late Decd." This continues on about A. Michau's will, dated July 2, 1765, etc.; this document dated April 21, 1767. I do not know if the surveyor made a mistake and called the Black River, Santee River.]

CHRISTMAS, JOHN "A Memorial exhibited by John Christmas to be region (sp) the Auditors Office Agreeable to order of Council SJc? to conditions of the Grant thereafter Mentioned of a plantation or tract of land containing 100 acres Situate in Craven County on the Waters of black river bounded to the NW by the land of William Mackay & vacant land to the NE & SE by vacant land and to the SW by land of Robert Carter Survey Certified the 5th Dec 1766 and Granted the 1 June 1767 to the Mem. at the ___ of 3 __ or 4/pro money per 100 acres to commence two years from the date In witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand the 11 Aug 1767. Frances Buttott DS John x Christmas his mark" S.C. Archives, Memorial Index, Vol. 9, page 278

[WHT comments: I have inserted part of the estate records of Nathan Christmas, son of the above John; the estate record below mentions part of the above tract and the tract of Robert Carter, which adjoined the above tract granted to John. The estate records helps in locating the grant: Middle? Branch Swamp waters of the Black River in Claremont Co., Sumter District.]

"You are hereby -------- required to appear at a Court of Ordinary to be holden at Sumter Courthouse for Sumter District on the twenty Sixth day of December A D 1831. to Shew cause if any you can, why the real Estate of the said Nathan Christmas deceased: Situate in Claremont County Sumter District Middle? Branch Swamp waters of Black River (being part of a tract of 500 acres originally granted Rob Carter) beginning at the corner next John Christmas at a pine stump running N 80 W to stake and post oak the S 10 W to Swamp Corner not made in the swamp 35 Ch 50 links then returning to first pine stump & running S 10 W 38 ch 74 links to stake 3+ in Branch thence N 80 W 35 ch to Swamp corner not made containing one hundred and fifty aces more or less one other tract of Land containing thirty Acres Originally granted to John Christmas beginning at his boundary on Wm. Gastey 3f NW 12.4150 bounding John Christmas land no Stake 3f' thence NE 8-4300 to Stake 3f thence N W 81.1500 to pine where began. bounding on Aaron Christmas As represented by the plats Should not be divided or sold Allocating to______ Christmas widow one third thereof and the remaining two thirds in equal portions to the said legal Heirs & Representatives of said deceased Share and share alike. Given under my hand and Seal this Eighteenth day December in the year of our Lord 1831 And in the Fifty Sixth Year of American Independence."

CHRISTMAS, JOHN "A Memorial exhibited by John Christmas to be registered in the Auditors Office of a plantation or tract of one hundred acres of land situate in Craven County on the Waters of Black river bounding East the land of David Lords all other sides by vacant Land Survey Certified the 16th March 1772 & Granted the 30 of Oct, 1772 to the Mem. at the ___ of 3 __ or 4/pro money per 100 acres to commence two years from the date In witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand the 14 Jan 1773."

(Vol. 12, p. 67) - memorial for 100 acres on Black River, Craven Co. 1773/01 /14; Entry # 0030-002-0012-00067-04

CHRISTMAS, SAMUEL "A mem. exhibited by Samuel Christmas to be register in the govt. office of a plantation or tract of 100 acres of Land in Craven County on the head of Black River bounding SE & NE on vacant land, NW on John Christmas land, SW on land formerly survey, certified the 7 May 1773. Granted the 11 of August 1774 to the mem ________________ _____ per 100 acres to commence two years from the date In witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand the 10 Jan 1775."

(Vol. 13, p. 235) - memorial for 100 acres on Black River, Craven Co. 1775/01/10; Entry # 0030-002-0013-00235-06

[WHT comments: Samuel's grant is located next to John's grant.]

CHRISTMAS, WILLIAM. "A mem. exhibited by William Christmas to be register in the govt. office of a plantation or tract of 100 acres of Land in Craven County on the S side of Black River bounding on all sides by vacant Land, Survey certified the 19 Jan 1773. Granted the 11 of August 1774 to the mem (WHT: could not read) per 100 acres to commence two years from the date In witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand the 11 Jan 1775."

(Vol. 13, p.237) - memorial for 100 acres on Black River, Craven Co. 1775/01/11; Entry # 0030-002-0013-00237-02

[WHT comments: The fact Samuel & William received grants on same day, same area makes me believe they are brothers of John & sons of Jonathan.]


Secretary of State, Recorded Instruments, Land Grants, Colonial Series 1694-1776

CHRISTMAS, JONATHAN (Vol. 5, p. 120) land Grant for 250 acres on Beaver Creek 1753/02/13; Entry # 0002-005-0005-00120-00

CHRISTMAS, JOHN (Vol. 14. p. 413) Land Grant for 100 acres in Craven Co. 1767/06/01; Entry # 0002-005-0014-00413-00

CHRISTMAS, JOHN (Vol. 27, p. 52) Land Grant for 100 acres in Craven Co. 1772/10/30; Entry # 0002-005-0027-00052-00

CHRISTMAS, SAMUEL (Vol. 32, p. 66) Land Grant for 100 acres in Craven Co. 1774/08/11; Entry # 0002-005-0032-00066-00

CHRISTMAS, WILLIAM (Vol. 32, p. 62) Land Grant for 100 acres In Craven Co. 1774/08/11; Entry # 0002-005-0032-00062-00


Index - AADHAMS, ADAM to Craven Co. 1731-1775

CHRISTMAS, JONATHAN (Vol. 5, p. 272) Michaux, Abraham 1732/05/20 Vol. 1, p. 272 plat for 820 acres of land in Craven Co.

Cooke, Glles 1736/11/10 Vol. 2, p. 98 Plat for 500 acres of land in Craven Co.

Christmas, Jonathan 1752/11/23 Vol. 5, p. 272 Plat for 250 acres on Beaver Creek. Entry # 0009-003-0005-00272-01

1734/12/14 (Vol. 3, p. 369) Michau, Capt. Abraham Plat for 800 acres in Craven Co. Entry # 0009-003-0003-00369-01

CHRISTMAS, JOHN 1766/12/05 (Vol. 10, p. 144) Plat for 100 acres on Black River; Entry # 0009-003-0010-00144-03

1772/03/16 (Vol. 14, p. 85) Plat for 100 acres in Craven Co. Entry # 0009-003-0014-00085-03

CHRISTMAS, SAMUEL 1773/05/07 (Vol. 14, p. 83) Plat for 100 acres in Craven Co. Entry # 0009-003-0014-00083-02

CHRISTMAS, WILLIAM 1773/01/19 (Vol. 14, p. 75) Plat for 100 acres in Craven Co. on NE side of the Black River. According to this plat, about 1/3 of the 100 acres is in an area called the Black River Swamp. Entry # 0009-003-0014-00075-03

1774/12/10 (Vol. 20, p. 136) Plat for 200 acres in Craven Co. granted to William Roberts on branch of the Black River bounded on NW & SW on Wm. Christmas and on the NE & SE on Wm. Roberts and all other sides are vacant. Entry # 0009-003-0020-00136-02

[WHT: Sumter Dist., SC Deed Book A, p. 285-286: A deed, dated June 22, 1801, between Roger Dunn & Sylvester Dunn to Henry Dunn makes reference to land adjoining Christmas; land originally granted to William Roberts and land owned by Carter. It mentions the property goes from the Christmas corner E. until it strikes Little Stoney Run. An 1821 survey map of Sumter Dist., SC, by S. H. Boykin (1825 Mills Atlas) shows the following: about 13 miles N NE of Sumterville & 6+- miles SE of Rembert is the location of a Christmas group on or near the road to Scope Creek Bridge; about 2 miles below the Christmas families, on the same road, is the Michau family on Cowpens Swamp; a little to the SE of Michau is G. Caper location; about 4 miles E of Caper is the McCoy location & about 5 miles SE of Capers is the McLeod location. Newman's Ferry is about 7 miles N of the Christmas location. All of these locations are on the Black River or one of its small tributaries that branches off from the main; this would put the location very near the Sumter-Lee Co. border.]


1731/32 Jonathan Christmas property adjoins Abraham Michau's property on the N side of the SANTEE RIVER [WHT: assume this is a general description]

1732 Survey for Jon Christmas in COLLETON CO.

1735 Jonathan's property adjoins Giles Cook's property on BLACK RIVER, no idea of location on Black River.

1732/37 Books by Revill & Boddie have him in present day KERSHAW CO. & on the Black River near WILLIAMSBURG & GEORGETOWN CO.

1738 Giles Cook sales property adjoining Jonathan; BLACK RIVER

1741 Marriage to Hester, recorded in Prince Frederick's Register at Winyaw - this is at GEORGETOWN.

1743/4 Birth of John, same as above.

1750/1 Book by Kirkland & Kennedy has him in the Pine Tree Hill area near Camden - KERSHAW CO.

1751/3 Jonathan got a grant on BEAVER CREEK/WATEREE RIVER above CAMDEN, present day KERSHAW CO.

1753 Birth of Margaret, recorded in register/see 1741 above. GEORGETOWN

1755 Witness a deed for property on the N. side of the PEEDEE RIVER.

1767/74 land grants to John, William & Samuel on the BLACK RIVER; these grants APPEAR to be in NW part of present day SUMTER CO. & SW part of LEE CO.; a few miles SE of Camden/KERSHAW CO.

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