Descendants of Jonathan Christmas


2. John Christmas-418

1790 Census, Claremont Co.; Camden Dist.; , Roll 3, p. 17, list J. Christmas: 1 male over 16; 1 male under 16 and 1 female.

John died in 1810, probably before the census was taken as he was not listed. Please refer to his father's message for information on land grants.

[copy of following documents in WHT's file]

Sumter Dist., SC Deed (Conveyance) Book A:
p. 85: 20 Oct. 1797. (Deed) John Christmas of SC, of Black River, planter, to Nathan Christmas of Black River, SC, the following tract of land: All that plantation/tract of land containing 150 acres more or less situated in the Camden Dist., SC and bounded by lines running SE-Rutledge's land; SW-Wm. Brown's land; NW on Arron Christmas land; NE on Moses Christmas land being part of a tract of 427 acres granted 2 June 1794 to James Rembert by his Excellency Wm. Moultrie. Esq., Gov. in Chief. Consideration: 20 pds. Signed: John Christmas (seal-by mark) and Nancy Christmas (by mark) (Note: also spelled Christmus). Wit: William Brown, Moses Christmas (by mark), Arron Christmas. Proved by Arron Christmas bef. Jno. Horan, J.P. Rec. 1 Apr. 1802. (Orig. rec. 17 Nov. 1797) Claremont Co.

p. 86: March 22, 1796. (Deed) John Rembert of Camden Dist., Claremont Co., SC, planter to John Christmas of Camden Dist., SC, planter, the following tract of land: "All that plantation/tract containing 427 acres, being the NW part of a tract containing 1000 acres granted to above Jno. Rembert; 2 June Wm. Moultrie...above said parcel hereby designed to be conveyed is at present bounded on SE on lands belonging to William Powell Brown, SW Sounds lands to the NW on William Carter and William Locook, on N by John Christmas and to the NE lands laid out to John Rutledge, Esq...reference being had to orig. grant...more fully appear..." Consideration: 49 pds 16/4.
Signed: John Rembert (Seal) Wit: James Rembert & Saml. Rembert.
Proved by James Rembert bef. John Horan, J.P. 15 June 1796. Rec. 2
Apr 1802. (orig. rec. 1 July 1796)

p. 87: 8 Nov. 1797. (Deed) John Christmus of Black River, S. C. to Arron Christmus, the following tract of land: "All that plantation/tract of land containing 150 acres more or less in Dist. of Camden and state afsd., bounded by the lines running and binding now on Lownes's land, NE on land of Carter, SE on land of Locock and land of Nathan & Moses Christmas' SW on Wm. Brown's land... being part of a tract of 427 acres granted to John Rembert 2 June 1794 by Wm. Moultrie, Esq. Gov. in Chief. Consideration: 20 pds. Signed: John Christmus (Seal) (by mark). Witness: James Rembert, Jr. & Nathan Christmus. Proved by Nathan Christmus bef. Jno. Horan, J.P. 17 Nov. 1797. Rec. 2 Apr. 1802.

p. 88: 15 Dec. 1797. (Deed) From Samuel Dwyer of Black River, SC to John Christmas of Black River, SC; 90 acres situated in the Camden Dist., SC; bounding on lands of John Christmas, John utledge and on lands supposed to have been granted to Charles Gordin in 17 Aug. 1784; granted to Samuel Dwyer on 3 Apr. 1786. Signed: Samuel Dwyer. Wit: Henry Brown & James Rembert, Jr. Proved 21 July 1798; Rec. 2 Apr. 1802.

Sumter Co., SC Deed Book C, p. 305:
The State of South Carolina: Know all men by these presents that I John Christmas of Sumter District in the State aforesaid planter in consideration of fifty dollars to me in hand paid by Ann Moneyham....[WHT: the tract contains 30 acres, located on the waters of the Black River, per plat surveyed by Roger Dunn, and granted to John Christmas on the twelfth day of September, 1804; sale dated August 16, 1809. Signed by John & Ann Christmas, by mark. Wit: Peter V. Querry & Theodore Querry. Recorded January 7, 1811. This is the only reference I have found as to Nancy also being referred to as Ann.]

[WHT: Following is a copy of John Christmas' will, found at the Sumter Co. Court House, Will Book A, p. 89: it list the 5 children and wife Nancy; spelling is per will.]

Will of John Christmus:

State of South Carolina Sumter District

In the Name of God Amen
I John Christmus of State and District affoesaid Being very sick and weak in body But of perfect mind and Memory thanks be to God and Calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to Die I make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say princepally and first of all I give and Recommend my Soul into the hands of almighty god that give it and as touching such worldly Estate where with it has plees god to bless me in this life I give dismiss and dispose of the same in the following manner and form first I give the plantation of two hundred acres of land that I now live on with all the house, furniture and all plantation tools belonging there unto to my beloved wife Nancy Christmus I further leave my son Nathan Christmus and my son Absolum Christmus I make and ordain them the sole executors of this my last will and testament also I leave one Bay mare and one b(l)ack horsto my wife Nancy and four cows and Calvs I leave to my wife also one two year old heffer I leave to my grandaughter Nancy Arons daughter also I leave to wife two sows and pigs and eight two year olds and ten year old hogs and eight head of sheep and all the gees and all the Remaing part of all my stock of every kind I leave to my five sons Aron Mosses Nathen Absolon and Ephrem to be equally devided and one Negro Boy named Rees I give to my son Ephrem the waggon I leave to use of the plantation and all the family But all pay a part in Repair of her this given under my hand and Seal this twenty second day of October one thousand Eight hundred and ten and in the 34 and 35 year of American independance and in the presents of these witness.
Mosses Christmas /s/

Issac Smith (by Mark) John Christmus (by Mark) L.S.

William Brown /s/

Carried over

(Page 2 - written on top of page)
John Christmas Will John Christmas Will

At the Death of my wife the plantation to Be the property of my son Ephrem

(bottom of page - upside-down)
South Carolina Personally appeared Isaac Smith one of the Sumter District Subscribing Witnesses to the within Will and made oath that he was personally present and saw the Within named John Christmus Sign Seal publish and pronounce the within Instrument of writing to be and contain his last will & Testament hat he was then of sound and Disposing mind memory and understanding to the best of the Defenants knowledge and beleaf and that William Brown and Moses Christmus with himself did subscribe there names as witnesses to the due execution of the same in his presence and in presence of each other
Sworn befor me
this 14 day of Dec'r 1810 Isaac Smith [by Mark]

William Taylor /s/
Ordinery S. D.

Recorded in Will Book A, page 89 - Recorded 11 Oct. 1810
Probate Records of Sumter County, SC - Bundle 22. Package 2 Microfilm Roll No. 25, Vol. 1 - SC Wills of Sumter Co. 1774-1849 Will Book A, Page 172. [WHT comments: the above recorded date of Oct. 11 is odd, as it looks like John did not sign the will until Oct. 22, 1810.]

1810 Census, Sumter Dist., SC NANCY CHRISTMAS, Page 220; [wife of John Christmas?, John died 1810, Sumter Co., S.C.] 1 male 10-16; 1 male 16-26?; 1 female 26-45; 1 slave [WHT: This was hard to read, could be a couple more children; the male 10-16 yrs. could be Ephraim; other male - ?; also, I am not sure this is John's wife, her age is too young or is second wife.]

Nancy Ann-419

[WHT: Some people say her last name was Jackson, others say Smith or Rembert, but I have not seen any proof of her last name. She is listed in the 1810 Sumter Dist., SC Census, but not in the 1820 Census. It is possible her last name was Rembert as John had several land deals with them.]

Deed of Gift from Nancy Christmas to her son, Ephraim Christmas, dated Feb. 18 1817; Sumter Co., SC Conveyance Book E, page 15.

Below is a summary transcription of the document:

Sumter District, SC I, Nancy Christmas of the above district and state in consideration of the love and affection which I bear toward my son, Ephraim Christmas and his heirs, of same district and state do freely give the following: 1 black horse, 3 cows, 2 sows, and other live stock, all my plantation tools, all household and kitchen furniture, other furniture, one loom, all notes and debts, and all other property in her possession. Dated Feb. 18, 1817. Witness: Ephraim Wilson & William Brown. Signed Nancy Christmas by mark. Recorded Feb. 25, 1817.

[WHT comments: This gift deed is almost like a will and I assume Nancy died shortly after this date.]

3. Samuel Christmas-466

1790 Census: Heads of Families for SC, Camden Dist., Claremont Co. is a S. Chrismas: 1 male 16 and over; 2 males under 16 & 3 females.

"Some South Carolina County Records" Vol. 2 by Lucas

p. 357: 27 Aug. 1801. (Deed) John Flemming, Jr. of Salem Co., SC, planter, to James Rembert, Sr. of Sumter Dist., SC, a tract of land containing 300 acres, more or less, in Craven Co., on the head of Black River; bounded on the SW on Saml. Christmas land and on all other sides on vacant land at the time of the original survey, the said land was granted on or about the 23rd day of June 1774 to John Flemming and by him conveyed by his last Will and Testament to the above sd John Flemming, Jr. Consideration: $415.00. Signed: John Flemming, Jr. Wit: John Dutart and Ann R. Smith. Proved by John Dutart bef. Absolom Williams, J.Q., 10 Nov. 1803. Rec. 27 Nov. 1803.

[WHT: the above tract and the one Samuel, Jr. receives, appear to be two separate tracts; one to Samuel Christmas, a minor - not called Jr., might be son of William; the above transaction indicates Samuel, Sr. might still be alive in 1801.]

4. William Christmas-465

[WHT: ASSUMPTIONS that William is a child of Jonathan (please note message and deed information under Jonathan) and George is a child of William.]

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1790 Census, Heads of Families for SC, Camden Dist., Claremont Co., Roll 3, p. 17, is a Wm. Christmas: 2 males of 16 and over; 1 male under 16 & 3 females.

"Some SC Records, Vol. 2" by Lucas, p. 415. Sumter Dist., SC Deed Book A:

p. 309-309: 3 Dec. 1801. Deed between John Douglas of Salem Co., Sumter Dist., SC to John Commander of same place. mentions 60 acres situated on Black River bounded on NW & SW on William Christmas land, by original conveyance, now Richard Ratcliff's land and on the SE & NE on land originally granted to William Roberts, now Stephen Daniel's land. Dated: 3 Dec. 1801. Rec. 17 July 1803.

p. 311-312: 28 June 1802. (Deed) John McDonald of Sumter Dist., SC to John Commander of same, a tract of land of 100 acres situated in said dist. on Black River swamp, which was originally granted to William Christmas on 19 Jan. 1773.

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