Descendants of Jonathan Christmas


930. William Robert Green-24202

1910 Census, Cleveland Co., NC; Township 5; Dwelling 93; ED: 41, p. 6A list William R. Green, age 31, farmer & runs retail store; wife, Minnie, 30, married 5 yrs., had 2 children: William S., 4 & Filzne (?) 8 mo.

1920 Census, Cleveland Co., NC; Stony Point; Dwelling 3; ED: 58, p. 1A list William R. Green, age 42, farmer; wife, Minnie, 40 & 4 children: Shuford, 14; Albert, 10; Mamie, 8 & Coreen, 6.

1930 Census, Cleveland Co., NC; Polkville; Dwelling 169; ED: 28, p. 10A list William R. Green, age 52, farmer; wife, Minnie, 50 & 4 children: William S., 24; Albert, 21; Mamie, 18 & Corene, 16.

North Carolina, Death Certificates, 1909-1975:
Name: William Robert Green; Gender: Male; Race: White; Birth Place: North Carolina, United States; Death Date: 25 Mar 1941; Death Location: Cleveland; Spouse's Name: Mamie Maytan; Father's name: William Nelson Green; Mother's name: Nancy Champion; Residence: Shelby, Cleveland, North Carolina.

3054. Albert Fitzhue Green-24230

U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947:
Name: Albert Fitzhue Greene; Gender: Male; Race: White; Relationship: Self (Head); Birth Date: 9 Aug 1909; Birth Place: Cleveland, North Carolina; Residence: Shelby, Cleveland, North Carolina, USA; Registration Year: 1940; Household Members: Albert Fitzhue Greene; Mrs. Albert Fitzhue Green.

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014:
Name: Albert F. Greene; SSN: 239-26-9532; Last Residence: 28150 Shelby, Cleveland, North Carolina, USA; BORN: 19 Aug 1909; Died: 1 Jun 1993; State (Year) SSN issued: North Carolina (Before 1951).

North Carolina, Death Indexes, 1908-2004:
Name: Albert Fitzhue Greene; Gender: Male; Race: White; Marital Status: Divorced; Social Security Number: 239269532; Father's Last Name: Greene; Age: 83; Date of Birth: 9 Aug 1909; Residence City: Shelby; Residence County: Cleveland; Residence State: North Carolina; Date of Death: 1 Jun 1993; Death City: Shelby; Death County: Cleveland; Death State: North Carolina; Institution: General Hospital; Attendant: Physician; Burial Location: Burial in state; Source Vendor: NC Department of Health. North Carolina Deaths, 1993-96. - Memorial# 16922885, created by Elizabeth Olmstead
Name: Albert F. Greene; Birth Date: 9 Aug 1909; Death Date: 1 Jun 1993; Cemetery: Elizabeth Baptist Cemetery; Burial or Cremation Place: Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA.

932. Asa Burgin Champion-24181

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918:
Name: Acey Burgan Champion; County: Gaston; State: North Carolina; Birthplace: North Carolina, USA; Birth Date: 13 Aug 1895; Race: Caucasian (White).

1930 Census, Rutherford Co., NC; Spindale; Dwelling 36; ED: 25, p. 2B list Asa Champion, age 34, works at cotton mill; wife, Fannie, 29 & 5 children: Helen, 12; Mable, 9; Ruby, 6; John, 4 & Moe, 10 mo.

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007:
Name: Ace Burgin Champion; SSN: 245055583; Birth Date: 13 Aug 1895;Birth Place: Cleveland CO, North Carolina; Death Date: 28 Mar 1945; Claim Date: 14 Apr 1945; Type of Claim: Death Claim; Notes: 17 Dec 1976: Name listed as ACE BURGIN CHAMPION.

South Carolina, Death Records, 1821-1960:
Name: Ace B Champion; Birth Date: 1896; Gender: Male; Race: White; Death Date: 29 Mar 1945; Age at Death: 49; Death Place: Spartanburg, South Carolina; Cause of Death: 941; Certificate Number: 014727; Volume Number: 35. - Memorial# 86549936 & 86548536, created by Gene Jenkins.
Name: Asa B. Champion; Birth Date: 13 Aug 1895; Birth Place: North Carolina, USA; Death Date: 29 Mar 1945; Death Place: Rutherford County, North Carolina, USA; Cemetery: Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery; Burial or Cremation Place: Rutherford County, North Carolina, USA; Spouse: Fannie Belle Champion; Children: Mable Maybell Pilgrim; Helen Evelyn Couch.

Fannie Belle Wells-24185

North Carolina, Death Certificates, 1909-1975:
Name: Fannie Belle Champion; Gender: Female; Race: White; Age: 65; Birth Date: 25 Oct 1898; Birth Place: North Carolina, United States; Death Date: 15 Apr 1964; Death Location: Rutherfordton, Rutherford; Father's name: Jesse Wells; Mother's name: Sallie Blue; Residence: Rutherfordton, Rutherford, North Carolina.

3059. Helen Evelyn Champion-24186

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014:
Name: Helen Couch; SSN: 245-05-5584; Last Residence: 28139 Rutherfordton, Rutherford, North Carolina, USA; BORN: 17 Feb 1918; Died: Jan 1987; State (Year) SSN issued: North Carolina (Before 1951).

3061. Ruby Ellen Champion-24188

North Carolina Deaths, 1931-1994 -
Name: Ruby Ellen Smith; Event Type: Death; Event Date: 23 May 1987; Event Place: Rutherfordton, Rutherford, North Carolina; Cemetery: Rutherfordton City Cemetery; Gender: Female; Age: 63; Marital Status: Married; Race (Original): w; Occupation: Spinnig Room; Birth Date: 17 Jul 1923; Birthplace: Gaston Co, North Carolina; Father's Name: Ace Champion; Mother's Name: Fannie Wells; Spouse's Name: Henry Smith; Reference ID: v 22B cn 22541; GS Film number: 1991319.

Henry Frank Smith-32067

North Carolina Deaths, 1931-1994 -
Name: Henry Frank Smith; Event Type: Death; Event Date: 26 Jul 1990; Event Place: Asheville, Buncombe, North Carolina; Cemetery: Rutherford City Cemetery; Gender: Male; ; Age: 78; Marital Status: Widowed; Race (Original): White; Occupation: Contactor; Birth Date: 27 Aug 1911; Birthplace: Morganton, Nc; Father's Name: John Smith; Mother's Name: Hattie Melton; Reference ID: v 29A cn 29144; GS Film number: 1991672.

936. John Wesley Ammons-4025

1880 Census, Marion Co., SC, Legette, Dwelling # 181; ED: 93, p. 19 lists John W. Ammons, age 32; wife Sarah A., age 36; children: Lillian T., 6 & Fleming T., age, 1; also living with them is Cathren M. Flowers, 18, s-daughter & John W. Flowers, age 1, s-grandson.

1900 Census, Marion Co., SC; Legette; Dwelling 199; ED: 76, p. 11B list J. Wesley Ammons, age 55, farmer; wife, Sarah A., 61, married 30 years, had 10 children - 6 living & daughter, Mary L., 12.

1910 Census, Marion Co., SC; Marion; Dwelling 359; ED: 70 p. ? list J. Wesby Ammons, age 68, works in a grocery store; wife, Sarah A., 72. Also living in the household is Tryphosa (sp) Ammons, age 30, widow, daughter, and three grandchildren: Loxie Mae, 12; Bessie, 3 and Burns 8 months.

[WHT: Received from Alice Weil, June 26, 2003. As I was looking further in your info, I found John Wesley Ammons who married Sarah Ann James Flowers. She was the widow of Henry Flowers. Their daughter Mary Ann Flowers was Fleetwood Lane's mother. I did not know the names of John Wesley's parents until today.]

Sarah Ann James-5727

1870 Census, Marion Co., SC; Legette; Marion P.O.; Dwelling 204 list Sarah A. Flowers, age 31, widow, and 4 children: Mary Ann, 14; Sithno, 12; Catherine M., 10 & Sarah Martha, 8. In dwelling 293 is probably her parents, Henry & Sithna James and family.

[WHT: From Alice Weil, June 2003:]
Sarah died in 1918 and is buried at Reedy Creek with Henry J. and Mary Ann and her James family. John is not there for some reason. It may be that he just doesn't have a headstone there. They were all members of that church. someone at the Dillon County Library sent me a copy of John's death report. I will try to find it for you.

Reedy Creek is a large cemetery located between Marion and Rains, off US Hwy 501.

3066. Annie Ammons-5729

1930 Census, York Co., SC; Rock Hill; Dwelling 94; ED: 21, p. 5A list Jack Shinhalster, age 70, sweeper at cotton mill, 1st marriage at age 17, born in GA & wife, Annie, 50, 1st marriage at age 15; the are lodgers in the household of Millis Jones, 21, works at cotton mill.

South Carolina Deaths, 1915-1965 -
Name: Annie Shinholster; Event Type: Death; Event Date: 07 Jul 1936; Gender: Female; Marital Status: Married; Race: White; Birth Date: 27 Sep 1879; Death Place: Catawba, York, South Carolina; Burial Place: York Co, South Carolina; Cemetery: Laurelwood; Father's Name: Westley Ammons; Father's Birthplace: Marion, South Carolina; Mother's Name: Sara Ann; Spouse's Name: Jack Shinholster; Reference ID: 11789; Source Reference: Shinholster, Annie, 1936; GS Film Number: 1943831; Digital Folder Number: 004179133; Image Number: 01183.

938. Thompson Ammons-12072

[WHT: I am not sure Thompson is a child of Elizabeth & John. I show him as a child because he is listed as heir in Jariet Christmas' will, next to Elizabeth Ammons, Robert Ammons & Emma Strickland. All the other 23 people listed in Jariet's will are siblings, nieces or nephews.]

1880 Census of Marion Co., SC; Moody; Dwelling 44; ED: 98, p. 5 list Thompson Ammons, age 28, works on a farm; wife, Eady, 27 & two children: William, 6 & Laura, 4. [They are living next to William Anderson Christmas and family.]

1900 Census, Horry Co., SC; Bayboro; Dwelling 207; ED: 55, p. 12? list T. Ammons, age 47, born Oct. 1852, carpenter; wife, Sarah J., 21, married 2 years & 1 child, Tedda M. 11 mo.

1910 Census, Horry Co., SC; Bayboro; Dwelling 225; ED: 45, p. 15A list Janie Ammons, age 36, farm laborer, widow, had 4 children: Teddy, 10; Minnie, 8 Silvie, 4 & Lula, 3. [WHT: She is not a widow, as Thompson is listed dwelling 207 & in 1920.]

1920 Census, Dillon Co., SC; New Kirby; Dwelling 119; ED: 34, p. 7A list Thompson Ammons, age 69 or 64; wife, Jane, 42 & 4 children: Silva (sp) 16; Luvian (sp) 14; Henry, 5 & Ida, 2 1/2.

1930 Census, Dillon Co., SC; New Kirby; Dwelling 141; ED: 17-22, p. 8B list Thompson Ammons, age 79, no employment; wife, Janie, 55 & 2 children: Henry M., 16 & Ida, 12.

Living next door - dwelling 140 is Eddie Hodges, age 25 and wife, Lula A., 20, married at age 17. Shows Eddie first married at age 17, so this appears to be his second marriage.

3070. Ted Ammons-14362

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918:
Name: Ted Ammons; County: Horry; State: South Carolina; Birth Date: 25 Jun 1900; Race: White.

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014:
Name: Ted Ammons; SSN: 258-03-4043; Last Residence: 29594 Tatum, Marlboro, South Carolina, USA; BORN: 25 Jun 1899; Died: Dec 1979; State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (Before 1951).

[WHT: Note differences in DoB; he was listed as 11 mo. old in 1900 census, so I think 1899 is correct.]

1940 Census, Marion Co., SC; Wahee; Family 54; ED: 34-23, p. 4A list Ted Ammons, age 36, tractor driver for lumber mill; wife, Lena Mae, 34 & Sallie Jane Ammons, 68, mother-in-law, widow, farm laborer. - Memorial# 27804684 & 27804705
Name: Ted Ammons; Birth Date: 25 Jun 1899; Birth Place: Horry County, South Carolina, USA; Death Date: 13 Dec 1979; Cemetery: Rogers Cemetery; Burial or Cremation Place: McColl, Marlboro County, South Carolina, USA.

[WHT: From Helen Moody's web page, Helen Little Corner. Used with Helen's permission.]
Name: Ted Ammons; Parents: Thompson and Jean Allen Ammons; Spouse: Lena Dimery Ammons; Date of Birth/Age: Age 79; Place of Birth: Horry County; Date of Death: Thursday; Place of Death: home; Place of Burial: Rogers Cemetery; Source and date of issue: The Dillon Herald, Tuesday, December 18, 1979, page 7, col. 5.

3075. Ida Ammons-12077

South Carolina Deaths, 1915-1965 -
Name: Ida Ammons; Event Type: Death; Event Date: 24 Apr 1930; Age: 14; Death Place: Kirby, Dillon, South Carolina; Cemetery: Sweat; Father's Name: Thompson Ammons; Mother's Name: Jannie Allen; Reference ID: p 7796; Source Reference: Ammons, Ida, 1930; GS Film Number: 1913722; Digital Folder Number: 004177675; Image Number: 00738.

939. Rev. Robert A. Hamilton Ammons-4026

1900 Census, Robeson Co., NC; Burnt Swamp; Dwelling 46; ED: 104, p. 3A list Robert Ammons, age 42, carpenter; wife, A. E., 19, married less than 1 year. Others living in household: Elizabeth, age 75, referred to as Aunt, but I think is his mother; Lily, 18, referred to as niece.

1910 Census, Dillon Co., SC, Bethea; Dwelling 228; ED: 58, p. 41B list Robert H. Ammons, age 52, farmer; wife, Annie, 25, married 10 years; one child: Lillie Mae, 7. Also living in the household is Elizabeth Ammons, age 86, widow, referred to as mother, & Willa J. Summerford, 38, widow, niece & John Ally, 49 boarder.

[WHT: Willa J. is an odd name, I think this might be his sister, Willa J. Ammons Summerford.]

1920 Census, Dillon Co., SC; Bethea; Dwelling 272; ED: 20, p. 15B list Robert H. Ammons, age 62; wife, Annie T., 34 & dau. Lillie M., 17. Also living with them is Clarence C. Hatsky, 21, single, brother-in-law.

3076. Lillie Mae Ammons-7426

[WHT: From Helen Moody's web page, Helen Little Corner. Used with Helen's permission.]
Maiden Name: Lillie Mae Ammons; Parents: Hamilton and Annise Hatcher Ammons; Date of Birth/Age: Age 39; Date of Death: January 27, 1942; Place of Death: Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC; Source & date of issue: The Dillon Herald, Thursday, February 5, 1942, page 1, col. 7.

North Carolina, Death Certificates, 1909-1975:
Name: Lillie Mae Ammons; Gender: Female; Race: White; Age: 39; Birth Date: 13 Aug 1902; Birth Place: Robeson, North Carolina, United States; Death Date: 27 Jan 1942; Death Location: Durham, Durham; Father's Name: Robert A H Ammons; Mother's Name: Annie Hatcher; Residence: Bingham, Robeson, North Carolina.

940. Elizabeth Emma P. Ammons-4028

1900 Census, Horry Co., SC; Dog Bluff; Dwelling 207; ED: 59, p. 12A list Nicolas Strickland, age 47, farm laborer; wife, Elizabeth E., 37, married 21 years, had 7 children - 7 living; Lily U., 20; Johnnie W., 17; Elizzie, 14; Asbury H., 9; Carrie A., 8; Lemuel R., 5 & Silas R., 1.

1910 Census, Marboro Co., SC; Hebron; Dwelling 65; ED: 83, p. 4B list Nicklis Strickland, age 60, farmer, born in NC, as were his parents; wife, Emma, 47, married 27 years, had 8 children - 7 living; children in household: Lizzie, 22; Asbury, 18; Carrie, 16; Lamar, 14 & Rufus, 10. [WHT: In dwelling 64 is son, John W., age 26, and wife, Mollie, 22. Married 2 years, had one child, but not shown.]

1920 Census, Dillon Co., SC; Bethea; Dwelling 85; ED: 20, p. 5B list Emma Strickland, age 58, widow, farmer & 3 children: Carrie, 27; Lamar, 26; Rufus, 21 & Marvin, 3, grandson.

Nicholas Strickland-14359

South Carolina, Death Records, 1821-1955 -
Name: Nickles Strickland; Death Date: 25 Oct 1918; Age at Death: 71; Born: 1847; Gender: Male; Color: White; County of Death: Marlboro; Certificate Number: 022200; Volume Number: 46.

3079. Elizabeth Strickland-18496

1920 Census, Dillon Co., SC; Bethea; Dwelling 120; ED: 20, p. 7B shows Asbury Strickland, age 27, widow, living in the household of John Scott, age 41 and wife, Elizabeth, 33, and is referred to as brother-in-law. Also listed in household under Asbury is Harvey, 2 & 11 months, referred to as nephew & Berlin, 1 & 2 mo. referred to as daughter. Also living in the household is Willie Jane Ammons, age 51, single & referred to as aunt.

1930 Census, Dillon Co., SC; Bethea; Dwelling 175; ED: 4, p. 10B list John Scott, age 69, farmer; wife, Lizzie, 42, married at age 27 & son, Hary, 13; all born in SC.

South Carolina, Death Records, 1821-1960:
Name: Lizzie S Scott; Birth Date: 1885; Gender: Female; Race: White; Death Date: 3 Jun 1936; Age at Death: 51; Death Place: Florence, South Carolina; Cause of Death: 1310; Certificate Number: 009021; Volume Number: 19.

John William Scott-18503

South Carolina, Death Records, 1821-1960:
Name: John William Scott; Death Date: 1933; Death Place: Dillon, South Carolina; Certificate Number: 1957 1/2.

3081. Carrie A. Strickland-14364

[WHT: From Helen's Little Corner web site; used with Helen Moody's permission.]
Name: Miss Carrie Strickland; Parents: late Nicholas & Emma Ammons Strickland; Date of Death: December 25; Place of Death: enroute to a hospital; Place of Burial: Brownsville Baptist Church Cemetery; Source and date of issue: The Dillon Herald, Wednesday January 2, 1957, page 1, col. 2.

942. Francis C. Christmas-204

[WHT: Buried next to Frances is William Christmas, b. 4-22-1870 d. 10-10-1897, who I think is Telaitha's son. Several Calders are buried in Sardis Baptist Church cemetery. Death certificate shows her name as Francis Christmas; date of death as June 21, 1917; mother Mary Foxworth; father, William Christmas; certificate information given by her brother, G. W. Christmas; her date of birth on certificate is incorrectly shown as Aug 07 1833, she was born according to census information in 1849; based on ages of her mother and father, I think 1849 is probably correct; her headstone shows 1849; she was born in Williamsburg Co., SC.]

Listed as 28 years of age in 1880 Census, Marion Co., SC, Kirby township, Dwelling # 235 list William, age 21 & Lucy, age 5.

1900 Census, Marion Co., SC; Manning; Dwelling 530; ED: 77, p. 28 or 29A list Fanny Calder, age 55, married & 2 children: Georgiana, 12 & Amelia, 11. Also in the household is Peter Calder, 35, servant. [WHT: According to family info, Georgiana is a child of Frances' daughter, Aris; Amelia could be also.]

1910 Census, Marion Co., SC; Moody; Dwelling 141 : ED: 71, p. 21B list Fanny Christmas, age 72, widow, farmer, had 3 children - 2 living.

[WHT: She is mentioned in the 1913 will of J. C. Christmas, her uncle, as Francis Calder.]

Death Certificate # 11371, Marion Co., SC; Name: Francis Christmas; DOB: Aug. 7, 1833 [WHT: Incorrect, born 1849]; Birthplace: Williamsburg Co., SC; Occupation: Farm Work; DOD: June 21, 1917 - headstone has June 19; Married: Yes; Father's Name: William Christmas; Mother's Name: Mary Foxworth; Burial Place: Sardis (Baptist Church) Cem.; Informant: G. W. Christmas [Brother].

944. William Anderson Christmas-27

[WHT comments:] The following family information on William & Arnetia comes from their children and descendants. From 1946 until 1991, the children and descendants of William & Arnetie held a annual family reunion. Later, Joanna Christmas, daughter of William Anderson Christmas, Jr. and her mother, Nettie Smith Christmas were the main organizers of this event, especially in the later years, when I attended. Joanna kept the family records; recording the births, deaths and marriages of the family, and other records. Each year family members would update their record for Joanna. Due to my interest in family history, she shared those records with me. The first reunion I attended was 1980 and then 1989-1991. The attendance at the reunion was from 150 people to over 200. In 1980, only aunt Falia and Sadie survived of their children; Falia passed away in 1984, but Sadie continued to attend until 1991, when sadly, the reunion was discontinued; Sadie passed away in 1994.

Of their 13 children; Oscar died at age 6; Thad at age 24; Alberta in 1910 or 1919. The information on the remaining 10 children comes from them and/or their children. Also, Joanna Christmas, daughter of William Anderson, Jr., helped maintain records of family members, new additions and deaths, for many years. Some family members of George W. Christmas, William Anderson's brother, attended the reunions and gave me information on their family.

Ruby Jane Christmas March told me in 2006, the earlier reunions, 1940s were held at her grandfather Arthur McQuade Christmas' home; Arthur is the son of William & Arnettia. She remembers the families, and having to sweep the leaves from under the big oak trees.

William and Arnetia were farmers; owning a large farm on the Latta-Marion highway; on this farm they raised their thirteen children referred to below, including my grandmother, Fauline.]

Directions to Catfish Creek Baptist Church: from Dillon, as you enter Latta, turn right at first stoplight, across from school; church is 4-5 miles out, almost to I-95; about 2 miles out of Latta, road goes sharply to the left, go left. A couple miles further, the church is on left at an intersection.

William and Arnetia were also members of Sardis Baptist Church in Latta, S.C.; located on the Marion highway. His home and large farm was on this highway, where most of their children were born. The reason he and family are buried at Catfish Creek is probably due to it being the resting place for his children and other family members. Members of Catfish Creek Baptist Church started Sardis Baptist Church in March, 1876. It was a long carriage or horseback ride from their farm to Catfish Creek and the growth of Latta were probably the reasons Sardis Baptist was started.

William Anderson was the oldest son of William G. Christmas, who died in the Civil War in 1863. His mother, Mary Foxworth, was left with 7 children to care for, the youngest, George being about 5 years old.

I question family information as to William Anderson's birth year being 1846. He is not listed in 1850 Census, but Frances and Jane are; he is listed in the 1860 Census, Williamsburg Co., SC, as being 8 years of age; I'll use that as year of birth.

1870 Census, Marion Co., SC, Family # 181, William is living with his aunt, Tabitha Christmas, and is listed as 17 years old.

1880 Census, Marion Co., SC; Moody; Family # 42; ED: 98, p. 5. William Chrismas, age 25; wife, Arnetie 19 yrs., son Aurthe M. was 5 yrs. of age and daughter Abberta was 1 yr. old. Also listed as living with them is Betsy Turner, age 53 and is blind. [WHT: According to Census, Betsy is not related to William or Arnetie, but I think Betsy is Arnetie's grandmother, who was age 52 in 1870 census.]

1900 Census, Marion Co., SC; Moody; Dwelling 187; ED 90, p. 11A list William A Christmas, age 50, farmer; wife, Arnettie, 37, married 24 years, had 11 children - 10 living; children: Leona, 13; Willie R., 11; Farlena, 9; Ernest, 7; Thad, 5; Jessie, 3 & William, 6 mo. [WHT: Arnettie's age was listed as 19 in the 1880 census; her headstone gives her DOB as 1860.]

[WHT comments:] The oddity about the 1900 census is William and family is listed as black. In the 1860-70-80, and 1910-20-30 census, he and family have all been listed as white. Even in this 1900 census his brother, George and other siblings are listed as white.

Why/How did this happen? Who knows. Could have been a census taker mistake, or someone told him that William had Indian or black blood. Sometimes the census taker would not visit a person's home, and get the information from a neighbor, store owner, etc.; this would save them time, as they got paid by the number of people counted. The census takers were just people like us, some did a good job, while others were lazy, and did a very bad job. For whatever reason, this was a mistake by the census taker, and if someone just checked this one census for William, they would have gotten an inaccurate picture of William and his family.

This has happen a few times, some even with my Turner and other surnames, especially after the Civil War, and during the Indian wars. The Indian wars continued for a long time. People with Indian blood were looked down upon during these times, and you were better off for people to think you had black blood than Indian blood.]

1910 Census, Marion Co., SC; Moody; Dwelling 106 : ED: 71, Sheet 20 list William Christmas, age 60; wife, Arnie (Arnetie) 49 and the following children: Leona 24; Follin (Fauline) 19; Earnest 17; Thaddeus, 14; Jessie 12; William 10; Thalin (Falia) 8 & Sadie 6. Son, William R. is living next door, dwelling 107. William's cousin Melton Lane & family are in dwelling 105.

1920 Census, Marion Co., SC; Marion Township; Dwelling 254; ED 107; p. 13A list William, 68 & Arnettia, 57 with children: William, Jr., 20 & Saddie, 16.

1930 Census, Marion Co., SC; Marion; Dwelling 110; ED: 9; p. 7A list William, age 82; wife, Arnettie, 68 & daughter, Sadie, 26.

William's death certificate, # 6471 - Marion Co., SC, shows date of death as April 20, 1930, 12:00 noon; age 81 yrs. 1 mo.; father: Wm. Christmas; mother: Mary Foxworth; burial at Catfish Church; Information was given by his wife, Mrs. W. A. Christmas.

South Carolina Death Records, 1821-1955:
Name: William A Christmas; Death Date: 20 Apr 1930; Age at Death: 82 years; Born: 1848; Gender: Male; Color: White; County of Death: Marion; Certificate Number: 006471.

Arnetia Jackson-28

[WHT -1996: There are many Jackson's buried at Catfish Baptist Church, renamed Catfish Creek Baptist Church in 1942; it is possible Arnetta's father is buried here. In talking with a church official, he stated the church records were taken by someone to transcribe, several years ago, and never returned them. I have visited the church several times and have not found the grave of her father. However, many graves are unmarked and the cemetery was not well maintained until recent years. Her mother Frances "Frankie" Turner Christmas is buried at Sardis Baptist.]

1870 Census, Marion Co., SC; Bethea, Reedy Creek P.O.; Dwelling 120; p. 66B list Sirus [hard to read] Jackson, age 63, farm laborer; Franky, 36 [wife?] & 5 children: Marilla, 12 [Movilla]; Marnetta, 8 [WHT: I think this is Arnetta, misspelled by adding an M]; James, 6; Andrew, 6; Eli L., 2. [WHT: In dwelling # 118 lives a Jay Jackson, age 20 & Jane Jackson, age 35. In dwelling # 121 lives a Wash Jackson and family.

1880 Census, Marion Co., SC, Manning Township; Dwelling 173; ED: 94, p. 194B list Elias Jackson, age 70, wife Frances, age 40; Children: James, age 15; Lawrence [probably Eli L.], age 12 & Louisa, age 9.

Following info from David Jackson; At Hamilton Cemetery, Dillon, SC there is a Louisa Jackson buried with dates 1865-1935. [WHT: Not same person, this is Louisa Hamilton Jackson.]

At Pleasant Grove Church Cemetery, Dillon, SC there is a Lawrence H. Jackson with dates 1868-1948 and wife Aspie Jane H. Jackson with dates 1872-1937. [WHT: Not same person.]

3096. Thad Christmas-37

[WHT: His World War I Draft Registration Card, 1917-1918, signed June 5, 1917 shows his DOB, single, farmer, works for W. A. Christmas, lives in Latta, SC, born in Latta, SC. He is described as medium height and build, with light brown eyes and dark brown hair.]

Died in car accident about one mile from home.

945. Jesse Colais Christmas-207

[WHT: I show 1854 as year of birth, which is based on 1860 census for his parents. He is with his uncle Jariet in 1870 census, listed as 18 years of age. As shown below, he is listed as 21 in 1880 census, and 38 in 1900 census.]

1880 Census, Appling Co., GA; District 456; Dwelling 408; ED: 1, p. 43 list Jesse Christmus, age 21, born SC, as were parents. Jesse and 4 other guys from SC are living in this dwelling, and their work is "chips boxes."

1900 Census, Madison Co., FL; 8 Precinct Withlacoocke; Dwelling # 399, list Jessee Christmas, age 38, b. in SC, wife, Missouri, b. Mar. 1867; married 19 years, had 8 children - 6 living; Walter, 15; Jessee, 13; Clifford, 11; Paul, 5; Thelma, 3 & Edward, 1; all born in GA.

1910 Census, Madison Co., FL; Cherry Lake; Dwelling 169; ED: 93, p. 13A list Jesse Christmas, age 51, farmer, born in SC, as were his parents; wife, Mosuia, 41, born in GA, married 28 years, had 12 children - 10 living - listed: Paul, 15; Thelma, 13; Edward, 9; Eva, 8; Marie, 6 & Arnetia, 5 & James Howard, 1 & 9 mo. The last 4 children born in FL, others in GA.

1920 Census, Madison Co., FL; Cherry Lake; Dwelling 186; ED: 110, p. 9B list Jesse C. Christmas, age 68, farmer, born in SC; wife, Francis M., 54, born in GA & 4 children: Clifford, 30; Eva, 19; Juanita, 13 & Howard, 11.

1930 Census, Madison Co., FL; Cherry Lake; Dwelling 46; ED: 40-11, p. 3A list Jesse C. Christmas, age 76, farmer, born in SC; wife, Francis M., 65 & 2 children: Eva, 26 & Howard J., 20.

Florida Deaths, 1877-1939 -
Name: Jesse Callias Christmas; Event Date: 22 Feb 1933; Event Place: Cherry Lake, Madison, Florida; Gender: Male; Race: White; Birth Date: 18 Apr 1859 [WHT: Think 1854]; Birthplace: Marion, S.C.; Marital Status: Married; Spouse's Name: Sara Christmas [WHT: Francis M.]; Occupation: Farmer; Residence Place: Madison, Florida; Burial Place: Oak Ridge; Burial Date: 24 Feb 1933; GS Film number: 2135539; Reference ID: cn 1828.

[WHT comments:] Jesse and family had not been in FL long when the 1900 census was taken, as Paul, their youngest child was born 1898 in GA. Middle name could be Callias, as shown on his Florida death certificate. His DOB on DC shown as April 18, 1859, which I believe to be wrong.

Source: "The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints"; Ancestral File and International Genealogical Index; Batch #'S 7534204, Sheet 32 & 884700, 7613304, Sheet 8, 1058428.

Robert "Bob" Christmas' letter of October 19, 1968 states that Jessie left Marion Co., SC to go to Valdosia Ga. Other references show that he was in Coffee Co., GA before moving to the Madison Co., FL area. His brother, Jimmie Dodge, moved to the adjoining Alma Co., GA in the 1890's.

[WHT: The following is from Susan Benton - 1990s; her father-in-law is Charles David Benton, Jr., g-son of Jesse Colias Christmas.]

I passed along the info. you've sent regarding William and Jesse to my father-in-law and he is looking it over. He hasn't mentioned anything regarding William or Jimmy Dodge. He recalls his mother telling him that her dad, Jesse, said he left his uncle's home in SC on somewhat unhappy terms. Apparently Jesse felt "out of place", somewhat like a "red-headed step-child" and with both parents deceased, he decided to head out on his own. That is all I've been told so far.

I got "Colais" from a document given to my father-in-law. It is supposedly a copy of a notarized document written by Jesse's son, Walter C. CHRISTMAS. I believe I mentioned it before to you. Apparently Walter had Jesse's bible in which Jesse had inscribed records of births and deaths for his family. It states as follows:

State of Florida County of Duval

This is to certify that I the undersigned authority, viz, Walter C. Christmas, have carefully examined one certain very old Bible, to wit, the Bible of the late J. C. Christmas, and on which his name is inscribed in Gold, and on various pages therein, which were made for such records, I find the following records of Births, Deaths, and Marriages:"

It lists his mother's side (GRAHAM) and Jessie's children. It also states:

"The father of the above Christmas family was born in 1852 (though from census records it appears it was 1854) and died Wednesday, February 22, 1933, Jesse Colais Christmas."

It was supposedly signed October 30, 1945 at Jacksonville, FL. The copy I have doesn't show a notary seal or signature though. But, looking at documents given to me by my father-in-law, they all indicate Jesse's name as Colais. This document also states that his son Jesse's middle name was "Silvester". I have seen it written both that way and as "Levester" So, I'm not sure which is correct.

Francis Missouri Graham-897

Name spelled Mazoria in marriage records.

3103. George Clifford Christmas-1201

World War I Civilian Draft Registrations: Name: Christmas, George Clifford; Birth Date: 5 Mar 1889; Birth Place: Hazlehurst GA; City/County: Jackson; State: FL; Ethnicity: W.

1935 FL State Census, Madison Co., Precinct 7, Cherry Lake list George C. Christmas, age 46, farmer, bachelor

3106. Thelma Missouri Christmas-901

1935 FL State Census, Madison Co.; Madison list James J. Richardson, age 39, Railroad Conductor; wife, Thelma, 38 & Frances Christmas, 68, mother-in-law.

James Judson Richardson-996

Georgia Deaths, 1919-98 -
Name: James J Richardson; Death Date: 2 Oct 1960; County of Death: Richmond; Gender: M (Male); Race: White; Age: 65 Years; County of Residence: Richmond; Certificate: 25855.

3108. Eva Christmas-1203

Florida Death Index, 1877-1998 -
Name: Eva Christmas Richardson; Death Date: 28 Aug 1990; County of Death: Bay; State of Death: Florida; Age at Death: 89; Race: White; Birth Date: 18 Sep 1900.

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current:
Name: Eva C. Richardson; SSN: 257-08-0038; Born: 18 Sep 1900; Died: 28 Aug 1990; State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (1973).

Clarence Lorenzo Richardson-4230

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918:
Name: Clarence Lorenzo Richardson; County: Brooks; State: Georgia; Birthplace: Georgia, USA; Birth Date: 5 Jan 1895; Race: Caucasian (White)

Georgia Deaths, 1919-98:
Name: Clarence L Richardson; Death Date: 9 Nov 1980; County of Death: Brooks; Gender: M (Male); Race: White; Age: 85 Years; County of Residence: Brooks; Certificate: 035333; Date Filed: 18 Nov 1980

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current:
Name: Clarence Richardson; SSN: 256-60-9505; Last Residence: 31643 Quitman, Brooks, Georgia, USA; Born: 15 Jan 1895; Died: Nov 1980; State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (1956).

Brother to Thelma's husband, James.

3109. Mildred Marie Christmas-902

Florida Deaths, 1877-1939 -
Name: Mildred Marie Christmas; Death Date: 18 Dec 1919; Death Place: Cherry Lake, Madison, Florida; Gender: Female; Race (Original): white; Death Age: 16y 6m 14d; Birth Date: 04 Jun 1903; Birthplace: Cherry Lake, Florida; Marital Status: Single; Father's Name: J.C. Christmass; Father's Birthplace: Marion, S.C.; Mother's Name: Francis Missouri Graham; Mother's Birthplace: Hazlehurst, Ga.; Cemetery: Oakridge; Burial Place: Madison, Florida; Burial Date: 19 Dec 1919; Film Number: 2116814; Reference Number: cn 13201.

946. James Dodge Christmas-206

[WHT comments:] Jimmie is probably James Dodge Christmas, who is staying with Jarrot, along with brothers Jessie and George in 1870 Marion Co., S.C. Census and is referred to as Dodge. Ages are a little off from 1860 Census, but that is normal.

1880 Census, Marion Co., SC; Moody Township, Dwelling # 54 lists James, age 21; wife, Charity, age 24 & dau. Arlenia, age 6 mo; . Living in dwelling # 60 is his cousin, Sarah Catherine Calder, daughter of Mary Jane Christmas & John W. Calder.

1900 Census, Appling Co., GA; Militia District 1383; Dwelling 279; ED: 103, p. 17, list James Christmas, age 49 (WHT: think age is wrong), farmer, born in SC, as were his parents; wife, Charity, 44, married 23 years, had 9 children - 7 living: Arlena, 21; Boyd J., 16; Mary, 13; James, 11; Telathy, 8; Lola, 6 and William, 2. This census shows all children born in SC.

Marion Co., SC Deed Book QQ, p. 82-83: Teletha Lane (dau. of Nathan Christmas) to James Christmas (son of Wm. G.). For the love and affection I bear for my nephew, James Christmas, I give 10 acres bounded N. by Teletha Lane. May 25, 1888. Wit: C. L. Willis & William Christmas. Rec. Jan. 8, 1890.

Marion Co., SC Deed Book SS, p. 623-624: James D. Christmas sales to E. B. Berry, all that land whereby he now lives containing 11 acres+-, bounded by lands of Teletha Lane, John L. Dew & J. D. Hardin and known as part of Teletha Lane lands. Oct. 20, 1893. Wit: J. Eugene Jarnigan & A. L. Bethea.

Dower: Mrs. Charity Christmas, wife of James D. Christmas freely agrees to the sale. dated Oct. 10, 1893. Rec. Nov. 14, 1893 in Book E, p. 163.

[WHT: It appears that James & family left Marion Co. around 1893 and moved to Alma Co., GA. I assume he moved to GA because his brother, Jessie, had moved to GA earlier; his brother was in the adjoining county of Coffee.]

Some children information is from his grandson, Edwin D. Christmas, written in 1968, address: Griffin Ga. Dodge was buried in Alma, Bacon Co., Ga. [HWC: records]

Directions to Big Creek Church Cem.: From Alma take Hwy. 32 east towards Rockingham, cross the Hurricane Creek past Lee's Meat Packing Plant (on the right). At the paved road to the left (Bennett's Still Rd.) turn left. Go about 6 or 7 miles to the first paved road to the left, take that unnamed to the left. Follow it till you get to the Big Creek Church parking lot. There are signs at Bennett's Still Road and at the unnamed paved road mentioned above.

[WHT: Received June 5, 2002 from Ruth Taylor Williams, a descendant:]
James D. Christmas was my great grandfather. My name is Ruth (Taylor) Williams. My mother was Nellie May (Bullard) Taylor, Thomas. She passed away April ll, 2002, at age 88. Louella Jones is my aunt, she gave me the information you had mailed her and I have read it over and over again. Just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed it. There a few things that are not correct, on my grand mother (Arlenia Christmas Bullard). Also James Dodge gave the land for Big Creek Church to be built on. He and my grandfather Bullard also gave timber for the church to be built.

I thought you might like to know that when I looked at William G. Christmas picture I had the strange felling that I knew him and that I had seen him before. It tool several months for me to figure this out. But it hit me one day like ton of bricks. Arlenia son Johnie Elton (Joe) Bullard (he is deceased) has a son name Joe Elton Bullard. William G. looks as if he has been reincarnated through Jo Elton . It is hard to believe they look so much alike.

Photo - On the Christmas family-L to R. James C. (Jim) Christmas holding the horse, next is Mary Christmas Taylor, Telatha (Sis) Christmas Medders, Lola Christmas Whitley, J. Boyd Christmas holding the mule. Seated L to R Bill Christmas is proped on his mother lap. He is very hard to make out if you do not look close. Next is Charity Jane Coates Christmas, James Dodge Christmas, Arlenia Christmas Bullard, husband,Columbus Mickel ( Lum)Bullard. We think this was their wedding picture, not sure. I think I have the girls right, I know the boys are.

Charity Jane Coates-1624

[WHT Some Coats/Coates census Info:]
1850 Marion Co., SC, Family or Dwelling 1193; Pheriba Coats, age 50 & following children Sarena, 26; Martha, 23; John, 19 & Sarah, age 2 months, probably a granddaughter.

[WHT: brother, Beaty Thomas Coats' obituary refers to his parents as John J. Coates, and mother, Susan Calder.]

1860 Marion Co., SC; Dwelling 783, Gum Swamp Township; Pheby Coats, age 60; Martha, 30; S. J. (female), 10 & David, 6; do not know who the young ones belong to.

1860 Marion Co., SC; Dwelling 785, Gum Swamp Township; John Coats, age 25; wife, Susannah, 26 & following children Charity, 5; B. (male) 3 & Agustus (female, 1. They are living in the household of R. A. Booth, age 20; maybe Susannah's brother?

1870 Marion Co., SC; Dwelling 190, Moody Township; Catfish Post Office; John Coates, age 43; Julia, 25 - probably his second wife, and Susannah has died & following children Charity, 14; Beaty, 13; Angue, 7; Phoebe, 6; John, 4 & Susan, 2.

1880 Marion Co., SC; Dwelling 320; Manning Township is John, age 50, wife Julia A., age 36 & following children Phebe, 20; Jonathan, 14; Susan, 12; Missouri, 10; Gurley, 8, Elisha, 6, Phillip, 4 & Wm. Henry, 1. ***John's age varies from census to census.***

Charity, age 24 & James Dodge Christmas, 21 are living in the Moody Township, Dwelling 54 with their 6 month old daughter, Arlenia.

1910 Census, Appling Co., GA; Louisville; Dwelling 262; ED: 6, p. 13B list Charity Christmas, age 54, widow, born in SC, had 9 children - 7 living; children in dwelling: Lola, 15 & William, 11. [WHT: son, James lives in dwelling 261.]

1920 Census, Bacon Co., GA; Louisville T-ship; Dwelling 260; ED 18, p. 13B list Charity Christmas, age 63, widow, with daughter, Lola, age 23 & son, William, age 21.

[WHT: Information on spelling of name from Granddaughter, Louella Bullard.]

Georgia Death Certificates;
Title: Christmas, Charity Jane; Birth Date: 1855-10-05; Age at Death: 67 years 11 months 20 days; County of Death: Bacon; Date of Death: 1922-09-25; Father's Name: John Coats; First Name Charity Jane; Last Name Christmas; Race or Ethnic Origin Caucasian; Certificate Number 22083; Sex Female; Spouse's Name John Christmas; Cite as Death Certificates, Vital Records, Public Health, RG 26-5-95, Georgia Archives; Filename 004176540_00030.jpg.

948. George William Christmas-208

In the 1860 Census, Williamsburg Co., S.C. George is listed as 1 yr. old. **See father's notes.**

1870 Census of Marion Co., S.C., Family # 211, George is listed as living with Jarrot C. Christmas, his uncle, and family. He is listed as 8 years of age thus indicating 1862 as year of birth, but 1859 is probably correct. Also listed separately from Jarrot's family are Jesse Christmas, age 18 and Dodge age 10, other sons of William G. Christmas. Jarrot is a son of Nathan Christmas. George and several of his children are heirs in his uncle's, Jarrot, 1913 will.

1880 Census of Marion Co., S.C. Family # 75, George is listed as 18 years old and living with James C. Lane & wife, Telatha, daughter of Nathan Christmas, and William Christmas, age 10, son of Telatha.

1900 Census; Marion Co., SC; Moody Township; Dwelling/Family # 110; ED: 80, p. 7A list George W. Christmas, age 37 [WHT - should be 40 or 41], widow, & 5 children: Maston, 15; Eveline, 12; Leston, 8; Bertha, 7 & Robert, 5.

[WHT: another oddity; George is listed as white, but his family is listed as black. From census records, looks like someone later wrote B over the W for race. See comments for his brother, William. This is the only time from 1860 to 1930 that George and/or his family has been listed as black.]

1910 Census; Marion Co., SC; Moody; Dwelling/Family 90; ED: 71, p. 5A, list George W., age 52; wife, Mettie, 25 - married 5 years - no children, and the following children of Geroge: Evelyn, 23; Bertha, 17 & Robert 14.

1920 Census, Dwelling 104; Marion Co., SC; Marion; ED: 106; p. 6A list George, age 60 & wife, Mettie, age 37; no children.

The Church of Latter-Day Saints' International Genealogical Index Batch #H000156, Library call # 884371-884374 list George W. Christmas as married to Ordela McCall when Evelyn was born in Latta, Dillon Co., S.C. on Oct. 27, 1891. (This information appears to be incorrect)

Marion Co., SC Deed Book TT, p. 387-389: George Christmas to Della Christmas for his love and affections of her and heirs by George Christmas (myself) do hereby give her and heirs by me: Mastin, Evelina, Liston, Birtha, and all other Della might have with George Christmas in the future the following land: located on either side of public road leading from Latta in the direction toward Kirby Cross Roads, containing 14 1/3 acres, bounded as follows: E. by Jno L. Dew, S. by Teletha Lane, W. by Dr. J. F. Bethea & N. by E. Bethea. Dated Nov. 5, 1894. Rec. Nov. 6, 1894 in Book E, p. 6.

Marion Co., SC Deed Book RR, p. 226: George Christmas and John L. Dew to Neill G. Wade, Deed. George Christmas & John L. Dew, mortgagee give easement to build Rail Road at or near a station called Latta on the Florence RR to a point in Marlboro Co. Dated June 2, 1891. Rec. June 4, 1891.

[WHT: there are several deeds, before and after this one, giving easements to build a railroad.]

Death Certificate # 21322, Marion Co., SC
Name: Geo. W. Christmas; DOB: 68 years; Birthplace: Marion Co., SC; DOD: Dec. 4, 1925 - heart - found dead in bed; Married: Yes; Father's Name: William Christmas; Mother's Name: Mary Foxworth; Burial Place: Sardis Church; Informant: M. A. Christmas [Son]

[WHT: The following information is provided by his grandson, Vernon Christmas: George had gray eyes, brown hair, 5 ft. 11 inches tall and weighed 180 lbs. He owned and farmed about 200 acres at Hwy. # 38 & 501, Meadow Hill, Marion Co., S.C. He also owned a house and 2 lots on Jones St. in Marion, S.C.]

Elizabeth Adelle Calder-212

[WHT: She is buried next to her husband, George. The birth and death of her son, Rayman in August of 1899 and Della death in September, 1899 leads me to believe she may have died from a difficult child birth.]

Mettie F. Turner-1495

North Carolina Marriage Collection, 1741-2004:
Name: Mrs. Mollie Christmas [WHT: Mettie Christmas]; Gender: Female; Birth Date: abt 1881; Age: 48; Race: White; Spouse: Boyd Turner; Spouse Gender: Male; Spouse Age: 26; Spouse Race: White; Marriage Date: 29 Oct 1929; Marriage Location: Whiteville; Marriage County: Columbus; Marriage State: North Carolina; Source Vendor: North Carolina State Archives.

1930 Census, Marion Co., SC; Legette; Dwelling 251; ED: 34-4, p. 14B list Mettie F. Christmas, age 50, as owner of the farm and head of household. Also living in the dwelling is her mother, Bettie Turner, 65, widow; brothers, Boyd, 26 [WHT: Her Husband] & Archie, 29 with wife Nora, 20, and daughter, Lois, 6 mo.

[WHT: Mettie is buried at Ariel, next to Boyd & Jack Turner; buried in plot, next to Mettie, is her brother, Archie Z. and his wife Nona R.]

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