Descendants of Thomas Cross Christmas - VA

Fifth Generation


56. Richard Christmas-12 [scrapbook] 1, 2, 3 (Thomas , Thomas Cross , Charles , Goodman ) was born 4 on Jan 04 1764 in Bute Co., NC. He died 5 on Sep 13 1848 in Muscogee Co., GA. He was buried in Christmas Cem., Midland, Muscogee Co., GA.


Richard married Mary Roberson-31 [scrapbook] on Jul 08 1790 in Franklin Co., NC. Mary was born in 1768 in NC. She died on Jul 18 1846 in Muscogee Co., GA. She was buried in Christmas Cem., Midland, Muscogee Co., GA.

They had the following children:

  178 F i Temperance E. Christmas-32 [scrapbook] was born on Jul 06 1792. She died on Aug 05 1856. She was buried in Christmas Cem., Midland, Muscogee Co., GA.
        Temperance married Robert Simpson-195.
+ 179 F ii Mary E. Christmas-33
+ 180 F iii Martha Henrietta Christmas-34
+ 181 M iv Nathaniel Green Christmas-35

57. William Christmas-1208 (Thomas , Thomas Cross , Charles , Goodman ) was born about 1766 in Bute Co., NC.


William married Elizabeth Jenkins-1211 daughter of Jesse Jinkins-2749 and Martha House-2750 on May 23 1790 in Warren Co., NC. Elizabeth was born about 1770 in Warren Co., NC.


William and Elizabeth had the following children:

  182 M i Richard Christmas-761 was born about 1793 in Warren Co., NC. [Notes]
        Richard married 1 Peggy Cox-766 on Jan 12 1815 in Butler Co., KY. [Notes]
+ 183 F ii Martha Christmas-762
+ 184 F iii Nancy Christmas-763
+ 185 M iv Edmond Christmas-764
+ 186 M v Jesse Christmas-765
+ 187 M vi Thomas Christmas-452
+ 188 M vii John Christmas-753
+ 189 M viii William Christmas-1209
+ 190 F ix Elizabeth Christmas-443
+ 191 M x Harrison Green Christmas-723

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