Descendants of Thomas Cross Christmas - VA


1. Goodman Christmas-1531

Order Book Abstracts of Stafford Co. VA 1664-1668; p. 46. Stafford Co. VA Records Book 1699-1708:417-418. According to a letter written by George Mason of Gunston Hall in 1787, the Christmas family had a settlement and a three-life-lease (99 years) at Oyster Shell Landing on the south side of Pohick Creek in Stafford Co., This part of Stafford Co. became Fairfax Co. VA in 1742. He was also known as Gad. As of 1646, Goodman Christmas lived at York Co., VA; Fleet XXV:9. As of 1666, Goodman Christmas lived at Stafford Co., VA, Virginia Order Book 1664-1668:46 He died about 1708 in Stafford Co., VA. Stafford Co., Virginia Record Book 1699-1709:417-418 Thought to have been born in England.

6/8/1646 Goodman Christmas was pd 80lbs tobacco for grave digging for William Baulke.

10/13/1653: Gad Christmas witnesses land deed of John Withers upon Potomak, County of Westmoreland. VA Land Records in NC, page 734.

4/11/1666: Gad Christmas: Subpoened to court by Thomas Atkinson in Stafford Co, VA & paid 40lbs tobacco. Order book, Stafford Co 1664-1668 & 1689-1690, page 26.

[WHT: - 100480607 shows Goodman Gad Christmas, died 1708 in Stafford, Stafford Co., VA. This memorial was created by someone called bergeron, but he has no info on FAG. Also he shows Goodman's father as Richard, and continues back a few generations. Information, but no documentation? This Richard Christmas, # 223, born abt. 1590, is under the Henry Christmas' line, web address is:]

[WHT: Received the following from Marion C. Achurch on Dec. 29, 2013. I have tried to document her findings, but have not been able to prove, nor disprove. Marion did a great deal of the work on the line of Henry Christmas, which was shared with me by John Young; both, excellent researchers. ]

At 08:27 PM 12/29/2013, you wrote:
Hi Herbert,
I think I have the top of the Thomas Cross Christmas tree. His father was Charles Goodman Christmas (#1533) and his mother was Mary Cross (#1534). Charles Goodman Christmas'father was Goodman "Gad" Christmas (#1531) and his mother (Unknown #176) was Nancy or Anne Duke. Goodman Christmas'father was Richard Christmas (#223) (c-1590 in Worplesdon, Surrey, England) and mother was Mary Elizabeth Goodman. Richard Christmas' older brother was John (#222) (c-1587 in Worplesdon, Surrey, England). John may have gone to USA with his brother as there is a death listed in Virginia. John and Richard Christmas'father was John (#220)(born 1552 in Worplesdon, Surrey, England) and mother was Agnes Border (#221) and they were married in 1575 in Worplesdon.

John had a younger sister, Jone,#224 born 1554, and a younger brother, Robert #235 b-1558. John had two older brothers: William #214 b-1545 and Thomas #219 b-1549. The oldest boy, William, married in 1565 Joan (Jone) Purs b-1550. They had 3 girls and then William died in 1576. His brother, Thomas, married his brother's widow, Joan in 1576 and had 4 children \'96 of which I am a descendant of Thomas and Joan's son, Thomas.

Back to John #220 (b-1552) Christmas \'96 his father was Thomas Christmas #212 (1522-1587) a clothier of Guildford and his mother was Joan Inwood #213 (1531-1592). Thomas's father was Henry Christmas #2794 (1492 or 1493-1550) and mother, Julia #2795, who had married in 1514. I provided much of the information for Henry Christmas's tree which you list as = Henry Christmas (1492 -1550), Guildford, Cy of Surrey, England, m. Julia. These are the gggg grandparents of Sir Thomas Christmas, City of Waterford, Cy Waterford, Ireland.

You may share this info in whatever way you think is appropriate.
Sincerely, Marion Achurch

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