Descendants of Thomas Cross Christmas - VA


2. Charles Christmas-1533

Order Book Abstracts of Stafford Co. VA 1664-1668, p. 112-113.

p. 313-314: This indenture made 28th Febry 1705 between Capt. Thomas Harrison of Stafford Co. & Charles Christmas & Mary his wife doth bind & put their son Thomas Cross an apprentice & Servt to Thomas Harrison to serve him from the date of these present til he comes of full age of twenty one years of age in any Lawful Employment that Harrison shall employ him according to the customs of the country .. at the end of the term his Master is to give his Servt one sute of apparel and one two year old heifer provided the Servt doth duly serve .. Presence Math. Tompson John Lipscomb & further the said Harrison & his heirs to bring this said Cross to read Signed by Thomas Harrison, Charles Christmas & Mary Christmas by (X) Mark. Die Martii 13th 1705 Recorded at Curia Stafford

These are to certify the within Charles Christmas & Mary his wife the mother of the within named Thomas Cross came before me one of her Majts Justices for the said county & did declare that they are willing & desirous to bind their son Thom: Cross to the within named Capt. Thomas Harrison until he is of full age & that he the said Thomas Cross is at this time clear of all former services. Mary Christmas doth declare that Thomas Cross is of the age 16 the first day of October next ensuring the date hereof Febry 28th 1705/6. Signed by Math. Tompson. Die Martii 13th 1705 Recorded in Cur Stafford.

[WHT comments: This does give you a pretty good date of birth, either October 1, 1689 or 1690; depends on what she meant by "next." Anyway, I will show his name as Thomas Cross Christmas, but a few questions do exist.]

[WHT: Info Only: Some of the following information was from Shirley McNeely - Jan. 1997, who received it, via the Internet, from a another Christmas researcher.]

Died Abt. 1700 in Stafford Co., VA. Stafford Co., VA Deeds & Wills 1699 - 1709; p. 313-314.

Charles CHRISTMAS m Mary CROSS. Stafford Co., Virginia Deed & Wills 1699-1709:313-314); Residence 1705 in Stafford Co., Virginia; Known sons: John, Charles and Thomas. John appears Stafford/Fairfax Co., until 1751; Charles apparently is in Caroline Co., in 1740. Mary CROSS was born in Prince George's County, MD? Purchased 731 acres land, Hanover Co., Virginia 1732** (Hanover Co., Land Patents & Grants 14:385).

3. John Christmas-1535

Was in Stafford/Fairfield Co., VA in 1751. A John Christmas/Christman died 1772, leaving a will in Staunton Co., VA.

4. Charles Christmas-1536

Was in Caroline Co., VA in 1740.

[WHT: Received from Anna Christmas (Hugh Wilder Christmas) on Sept. 20, 2003.]

10/12/1733 Charles Christmas is pd 600 lbs tobacco for being Sexton at Truro Parish VA. 10/11/1734 Charles is pd 400 lbs tobacco for Sexton.

11/18/1735 Edward Barry rcvs 100 lb tob. for Charles allowance as Sexton (may have died). This meeting was presided in part by George Washington's Father, Augustine.

11/15-16/1748: Charles Christmas lived in Fairfax Co., VA next to French Mason, Fairfax Co. will books A&B 1742-1752. Charles Christmas is also listed as being on Reel 13 in Caroline Co., VA in 1740, but I could not find him on the

In 1745, a Charles Christmas is listed as giving a receipt in Orange Co., VA will book #2 1744-1778, page 13.

Charles Christmas is released in Trespass case in Caroline Co., VA, 2/8/1739/40, pgs 78 & 83 and case is dismissed..

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