Descendants of Thomas Cross Christmas - VA


81. Nathan T. Sims-3895

Union Co., SC Wills, Vol. 2, Bk. B, p. 422-426: Will dated May 11, 1844; Rec. Will Bk. B, p. 348, Box 30, Pkg. 14, July 25 1844; J. J. Pratt, Ordy.

The will names wife, children, some spouses & grandchildren.

291. Louisa Sims-7960

Referred to as Louisa Bobo in father's 1844 will.

Nathan T. Sims-3895

Union Co., SC Wills, Vol. 2, Bk. B, p. 422-426: Will dated May 11, 1844; Rec. Will Bk. B, p. 348, Box 30, Pkg. 14, July 25 1844; J. J. Pratt, Ordy.

The will names wife, children, some spouses & grandchildren.

95. Captain John Sanders Sims-5146

[WHT: The information on John Sanders Sims and family was provided by Dudley Hinds, a descendant, in Aug., 2000.]

Death notice in Woodville Republican, 14 Nov 1854. "Died on Tuesday last at half-past 5 o'clock, P.M." Gravestone says 31 Oct.

Nancy Hampton-5147

On 31 Oct 1818, as Nancy Sims, she and her husband jointly conveyed to John Joor land that had previously been purchased from her uncle Wade Hampton. Book B, Page 162, (Wilkinson County, Miss.)

On 12 December 1817, as Nancy Sims, she and her husband jointly conveyed land to Robert Davis. (Book B, Page 384, Wilkinson County, Miss)

On 10 August 1822, as Nancy Sims, she relinquished her right of dower in a conveyance by her husband to the Sligo Academy. (Book C, Page 287, Wilkinson County, Miss)

317. Laura A. Sims-5171

Birth and death information from: Wilkinson County Cemeteries, compiled and edited by Mrs. James V. Gross and Miss Marion Miles, Woodville Civic Club, Inc., Woodville, MS. Marriage information from: Wilkinson County Marriage Records 1800-1924, compiled and edited by Mrs. Linda Gene Felter Carter, Woodville Civic Club, Inc., Woodville, MS.

Ann Hamilton-5207

A John Sims married an Ann Hamilton in W. Feliciana Parish, LA in Feb 1828. On 22 October, 1831, the MISSISSIPPI DEMOCRAT reported the marriage, at Sligo Plantation, of Caroline Hamilton, daughter of the late Colonel Hamilton (and likely a niece of Ann Hamilton Sims).

In the Census of 1850, the age of Ann Sims was given as 59.

In January, 1851, Ann Sims signed a waiver of her right of dower in a conveyance to William R. Sims. In a letter to his wife dated 24 August, 1851, William R. Sims referred to a conversation with "Mrs. Sims". The will of John S. Sims dated 2 December, 1851 makes no mention of his wife. Her death probably occurred between 24 Aug and 2 Dec.

102. Elizabeth Rice-4196

Living with son, Edwin in 1850 census.

105. William Christmas-114

[WHT: The children of William are named in will of his father-in-law, Lewis Yancey:]
Will dated 4-9-1817, proved Aug. Court 1819. Source: "Abstracts of Granville Co., N.C." 1808-1833, Vol.11, p. 112 by Z. H. Guynn. This will also list son, Henry Yancey and Grandson, Henry Yancey.

NC Archives - Estate Records; Division of Estate of William Christmas at Warrenton; children named: Patsy (Mary?) Sally D., Thomas, Jancey Y., Lewis & William.

From 1805 to 1814, there are also a number of Orphan & Guardian records, with Henry Yancey, John C. Green, Thomas Christmas, Sr., and Lewis Christmas serving as guardians at different times.

After William's death, Jane married John Green.

The will of Jane's father, Lewis Yancey, mentions the children of Jane by William Christmas, but none by John C. Green. His will also mentions wife Mary, son Henry and grandson Henry Yancey. Source "Abstracts of Granville Co., N.C." Book 8, 1816-1821 on pages 112-113.

On p. 163, Henry Yancey is mentioned as administrator of William's estate; William's father, Thomas, is mentioned as guardian of his children (1807); later, John C. Green (1810) and Henry Yancey (1810-1813). William is also mentioned in his father's (Capt. Thomas Christmas) estate records.

Another source of children: Warren Co., NC Deed Book 19, p. 82.

Jane Yancey-115

"Abstracts of Warren Co., N.C.", Will Book 14, # 38: Accounts, 1804-07; May Ct. 1807; Henry Yancey, Gdn. to Lewis Christmas, orphan of William Christmas.

"Abstracts of Warren Co., N.C.", Will Book 17, # 199: May Ct. 1813. Henry Yancey, as guardian to Thomas H. Christmas, paid expenses to Warrenton Academy; also mentions Lewis and William D. Christmas. Pages 202, 104 & 207, mentioned as guardian to Mary L., Sarah D. & Jane Y. Christmas.

"Abstracts of Warren Co., N.C.", Will Book 17; Thomas Christmas' will mentions John C. Green as guardian to Lewis Christmas.

She was listed on guardian papers in 1810 May Court records and in Nov. John C. Green list himself as guardian of his children: Sarah and Thomas Green.

Source: "Abstracts of Granville Co., N.C. 1808-1833" Vol. II by Z. H. Guynn, Book 8, 1816-1821, Will # 245-246, p. 112. Will of Lewis Yancey, proved Aug Ct. 1819. Leaves his wife, Mary the land on which I live, plus negroes, stock, etc. Mentions his g-daughter, Mary L. Christmas; g-son, Henry Yancey; son, Henry Yancey; dau., Jane Green. After the death of his wife Mary, all property to be divided into two parts; one part to his son, Henry and the other half to the children of Jane Green, formerly Jane Christmas, namely: Lewis, Thomas H., William D., Mary L., Sarah D. and Jane Y. Christmas. Exrs. wife, Mary Yancey; son Henry Yancey & friend, Ralph Graves. Wit: Overton Wiles & Willie Royster.

334. William Duke Christmas-118

1850 Census, Warren Co., NC; Warrenton; Dwelling 283, p. 21A list William D. Christians, age 54, no emp. listed.

1860 Census, Warren Co., NC; Warrenton; Dwelling 1014, p. 586 list W. Christmas, age 60, no emp. listed, worth over $10,000.

336. Mary L. Christmas-119

[WHT comments: review the original will at the NC Archives and had a copy made for my file; the following is my transcription of that will. Please remember, these documents are written in, what I call, "old English script" and I could have misread some words.]

Will of Mary L. Christmas: Warren Co., NC; dated July 15, 1821; Proved Aug. Ct. 1821.

In the name of God Amen, I Mary L. Christmas of Warren County and State of North Carolina do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as follows:

First: I give to my mother, Jane Green the following negroes to her and her heirs? forever together with their future increase - subject nonetheless to the management and direction of my brother Lewis Y. Christmas, until my said mother shall in her own proper ? claim and demand there of have, viz Jinny, Adaline and China.

Secondly: I give to my Brother Lewis Y. Christmas all my portion and interest of in the tract of land called the Dowin? tract, on which my mother now lives - also the following negroes with their future increase, viz Yellow Jinny, AnnMarie, and Eliza.

Thirdly: I lend to my Brother Thomas H. Christmas during his natural life and after his death give to his children equally, the following negroes, Balaam and Lucky.

Fourthy: I lend to my grandmother Mary Yancey during her life the following negroes, Mary and Stephen. After her death I lend them to Stephen Davis, with a request that he apply the profits of them to the care and benefit of my Brother William D. Christmas, and I give the said negroes together with their increase to any lawful heirs of his body whenever the said Stephen Davis shall think proper to relinquish the above loan, but should my Brother William D. Christmas die without lawful heirs, I give the said negroes equally to heirs Lewis Y. Christmas and Thomas H. Christmas.

Fifthly: I wish my Executor and Executrix hereafter to be named to sell my tract of land adjoining the land of William White and others.

Sixthly: After the payment of my debts, I wish my Executor and Executrix to put into the hands of Stephen Davis the proceeds of the sale of my land and all other monies in their hands to be used by him for the use and benefit of my Brother William D. Christmas in such manner and at such times he in his judgement may think proper - and should my Brother William D. Christmas die without lawful heirs, I give to my Brother Lewis Y. Christmas and Thomas H. Christmas equally, any balance that might be in hand - but should my Brother William have lawful heirs, it is my will that it be applied to their benefit.

I hereby appoint my Brother Lewis Y. Christmas as Executor and my mother Jane Green as Executrix of this my last will, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 16th day of July Anno Domini 1821.

[WHT: The will was signed by Mary L. Christmas in her own handwriting; Witness by Thos. E. Green & Sally Johnston. The will was proved in Aug. Ct. 1821, by the oaths of Sally Johnston and Thomas E. Green, also by oath of Stephen Davis; Lewis Y. Christmas qualified as Executor.]

337. Sarah D. Christmas-120

[WHT: From the files of Ginger Christmas:]
Marriage bond #000161777 record #100 01 157 bondsman William Green on 11 May 1818 at Warren Co., NC. She was deeded Deed Bk G p.343 Indenture, 20 July 1820 between John H. and Sally D. Marshall (formally Sally D. Christmas) of the Co. of Smith and State of TN and Lewis Y. Christmas, of Warren Co. and State of NC - sum of $900.00 land in the State of NC - adjoining land of said Lewis Y. Christmas on the east, and Capt. John Green on the south. Land descended to Sally D. Christmas as heir and legate of her father, William Christmas. More or less 100 acres. Witnessed William H. Marshall, signed by J. H. Marshall and Sally D. Marshall. Registered Sept 15, 1820 on 20 Jul 1820 at Smith, TN; D-B 21 p-182.

338. Jane Yancy Christmas-121

[WHT: Reviewed original Will of Jane Y. Christmas at the NC Archives:]
Dated Dec. 3, 1819; Proved Feb. Ct. 1820. Asked her mother, Jane Green, to relinquish her interest in the land left to her by her father William, to her brother, Lewis Y. Christmas. Lewis is adm. of her estate, 1822. Makes bequeaths to sisters, Mary Christmas & Sally Marshall; to brothers, Thomas H. & William D. Christmas.

107. Louis John Christmas-3695

FHC Ancestral File. Tennessee the Volunteer State 1769 - 1923: Volume 1 list Lewis Christmas as a Col.

[WHT: I could not connect Louis J. Christmas to any parents; Ginger Christmas Beattie is the source of his parents; Ginger refers to him as John, I will show him as Louis John Christmas.]

108. Mary G. Christmas-138

Marriage Records of Warren Co. shows Polly G. Christmas marries Richard Power on Oct. 28, 1811.. Mary Powers, wife of Richard Powers; Polly is probably her nickname.

Richard C. Power-140

1850 Census, Franklin Co., NC; Perrys Mill; Dwelling 628; p. 358A list Richard C. Power, age 59, farmer & 2 children: Amanda, 30 & John, 28.

109. Thomas Christmas Jr.-113

He is the administrator for the estates of his father, Thomas and mother, Sarah. "Will and Deed Books for Warren Co., N.C." W-B 17, # 14, Adm. for T. Christmas, Sr., he refers to mother; W-B 17, # 48, Sarah is referred to as widow of Thomas and reference is made to the estate of son, William.

1840 Christmas Thomas Barren County KY, p. 152, No Township Listed

1850 Census, Barren Co., KY, Family & Dwelling #, 1222/1252; Thomas, age 62, b. NC; Margaret, 65, b. MD; Clarissa, 34, b. NC; John, 25, b. TN & David T., 23, b. TN.

1860 Census, Barren Co., KY; Dist. 1; Glasgow PO; Dwelling 700 list Tho' Christman, age 67, farmer, born in NC & 2 children: Clarissa, 37 & John, 35, grocer.

Year Surname Given Name (s) County State Page Township or Other Info Record Type Database ID# 1860 CHRISTMAS THOMAS Barren County KY 847 Glasgow Federal Population Schedule KY 1860 Federal Census Index KY10721551 1840 Christmas Thomas Barren County KY 152 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule KY 1840 Federal Census Index KYS4a493481

Listed as 75 years old in 1870 Barren Co., KY census.

[WHT: The following information was provided by Ginger Christmas-Beattie:]
He appeared on the census of 1810 at Warren Co., NC; Father's estate and census report of 1810 Warren Co NC roll M252 #42 [3 wm -10; 1 w m 10-16; 1 wm 26-45; 1 wf 26-45] born no later than 1784. Personal Property List in 1813 at Caswell Co., NC. He bought household goods from an estate in 1816 at NC. On Insolvent list in 1817 at NC.

He appeared on the census of 1826 at Maury Co., TN; Tax list p. 37. He appeared on the census of 1830 at Maury Co., TN; Christman next door to D. Underwood. Personal property list in 1831 at Maury Co., TN. Personal property list in 1833 at Smith's Dist., Maury Co., TN.

He appeared on the census of 1840 at Skaggs Creek, Barren Co., KY; 125 acres. 120 acres in 1841 at Skaggs Creek, Barren Co., KY. He appeared on the census of 1850 at Barren Co., KY. He appeared on the census of 1870 at Barren Co., KY.

He left a will on 31 Aug 1872 at Barren Co., KY. His will was proven on 10 Nov 1873 at Barren Co., KY.

346. Clarissa Christmas-1637

Listed as age 60 on 1870 Barren Co., KY Census; living with father.

1880 Census, Barren Co., KY Saunders, list Clarisa, age 64, born in NC; living in household of Nathaniel Hilton & family.

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