Descendants of Unconnected Christmas Families

First Generation

1. Unconnected Christmas Families-2369 was born in 1755.

Unconnected married Unconnected Christmas-2370. Unconnected was born in 1755.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i John Christmas-13676
+ 3 M ii Richard G. Christmas-2384
+ 4 F iii Elizabeth Christmas-2382
+ 5 M iv Philip Christmas-13671
+ 6 M v James C. Christmas-2200
+ 7 M vi William J. Christmas-10300
+ 8 M vii William Christmas-4999
+ 9 M viii James Christmas-8824
+ 10 M ix Louis Christmas-7802
+ 11 M x Robert Luther Christmas-10290
+ 12 M xi Isaac Nowlin Christmas-8135
+ 13 M xii William R. Christmas-8553
+ 14 M xiii Samuel Christmas-8564

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