Descendants of Unconnected Christmas Families

Sixth Generation


710. Marla S. Griffin-11052 (L Jeanne Marie Christmas , James Roy , William Andrews , James C. , Unconnected )

Marla married Randall E. Zorn-11053.

They had the following children:

+ 989 F i Cassandra L. Zorn-11054

714. Marytruitt Pauline Wright-13244 (Annie Faegelia Bronson , Hattie Mae Christmas , William Andrews , James C. , Unconnected ) was born on Feb 15 1943 in FL. She died 1 on Aug 13 2011 in Sanford, Lee Co., NC. She was buried in Sandhills State Veterans Cem., Spring Lake, Cumberland Co., NC.


Marytruitt married Albert J. Pennington-13248.

They had the following children:

  990 M i Bennie Pennington-13249
  991 M ii James Pennington-13250
  992 M iii Matthew Pennington-13251
  993 M iv Wesley Pennington-13252
        Wesley married Anna-13254.
  994 F v Chyrl Pennington-13253

730. Donna Dyer-10605 (Leslie Monroe Dyer , Lora Lee Christmas , Joseph Monroe , William J. , Unconnected ) was born in 1952 in Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN. She died 1 on Dec 27 2015 in Ringgold, Catoosa Co., GA. She was buried in Oakwood Cem., Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN.


Donna married Leigh-10606.

They had the following children:

  995 F i Lori Beth Leigh-10607
  996 F ii Lindsay Elizabeth Leigh-10608
  997 F iii Leslie Leigh-19450
        Leslie married David Daniel-19451.

739. Wanda Sue Christmas-10531 (A. C. , Jimmie Ellsworth , William , James , Unconnected ) was born on Jul 27 1941 in Tulsa, OK. She died 1 on Oct 20 2011 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK. She was buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park, Sand Springs, Tulsa Co., OK.


Wanda married Roger Harris-10535.

They had the following children:

  998 M i Myron Harris-10536
        Myron married Tammy-10538.
  999 M ii Danny Darrell Harris-10537

742. Danny Wayne Christmas-10534 (A. C. , Jimmie Ellsworth , William , James , Unconnected )

Danny married Ramona Louise Obryan-10541.

They had the following children:

  1000 M i Jason Darrell Christmas-19622

745. Rhonda Gale Christmas-13764 (Orville Lee , John H. , William , James , Unconnected ) was born in 1964 in Tulsa Co., OK. She died on Mar 31 2017 in Oklahoma City, OK. She was buried in Green Acres Memorial Gardens, Sperry, Tulsa Co., OK.


Rhonda married McSperitt-25268.

They had the following children:

  1001 M i Austin McSperitt-25269
        Austin married Stephanie-25270.

754. Christopher Michael Lott-27257 (Merry Sobiech , Carol Ann Christmas , Cecil E. , William R. , Unconnected )

Christopher married Jennifer Byers-27261.

They had the following children:

  1002 M i Aiden Michael Lott-27258
  1003 M ii Caleb Joseph Lott-27259
  1004 M iii Wyatt Matthew Lott-27260

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