Descendants of William Christmas of England


44. Morgan Christmas-9122

[WHT: The descendant information for Morgan Christmas was provided by Jill Kember Edwards & Alex Williams on Aug./Sept. 2008.]

[WHT: Received following on Sept. 17, 2008 from Alex Williams regarding the age of Alice and birth of son, Morgan.]

I am sending two attachments that my mother received from a professional genealogist in 1993. The age of Alice Cryton, when she had Morgan, suggests to me that a generation may have been missed out completely. Alternatively her age could be recorded incorrectly by the genealogist but my attachments do not support this theory, although I must admit the attachments are rather vague as to the dates involved. I have of course looked but have been unable to trace anybody in the Morgan branch of the family to double check the information and the situation is made a shade more difficult by the fact that I live in France and am unable to visit Cambridge to check out dates etc.

45. Benjamin Christmas-1587

[WHT: My thanks to Jill Kember Edwards for descendant information on Aug. 27, 2008, for Samuel, Susan & Benjamin.]

[WHT: My thanks to Matthew Abel, who provided descendant information on Aug. 30, 2008.]

46. Bennett Christmas-1588

[WHT: My thanks to Matthew Abel, who provided descendant information on Aug. 30, 2008.]

47. James Christmas-1589

[WHT: My thanks to Matthew Abel, who provided descendant information on Aug. 30, 2008.]

Mary Waller-9270

[WHT: My thanks to Jill Kember Edwards for the following information received on Oct. 10, 2008.]

Thanks for the update, what a lot of work you put in to it all.
This info has only just come to hand after searching for a number of years.
I have always tried to find the blood mother of William Lilley born 1804 and each contact I had never held this info. I knew William's father was James and eventually found him married to a Mary Christmas. I later found she was a widow and they married 9 June 1843, which was after William's birth, so knew she couldn't be the Mother. I then found Mary Christmas to be Mary nee Waller and was widow of James Christmas born 1772 and died 1816.
I have now found out that James Lilley married Mary Hutchinson 1795 in Guilden Morden BUT I can't remember who has given me this information.
It appears that Susan Christmas who married William Lilley was niece to James and Mary (Waller) Christmas. Then her Auntie Mary (Waller) married her father in law James Lilley.

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